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Configit's CPQ and Product Configuration Software Products

Configit addresses configuration challenges in the full lifecycle of complex products. Typical industry segments are industrial machinery and components, life sciences, high-tech, automotive, oil and gas equipment, communications (equipment and services), business services and aerospace, defense and security. From engineering to sales, production, commissioning and maintenance, our technology provides user guidance, eliminates errors and increases control; making mass customization profitable.


Configit Quote is an integrated configure-price-quote solution ideal for organizations selling complex configurable products using SAP Variant Configurator.

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Configit Ace is an enterprise application for authoring all configuration aspects of configurable products, with consideration to both engineering and market intent.

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Configit Model provides modeling and runtime environments that make developing configurator applications fast and efficient.

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Configit Build is the comprehensive and customizable configure-price-quote kit that builds the desired user experience using the visual solution configuration of advanced products.

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