Configit - Ace®

Team Collaboration for Configurable Products

Get complex products to market faster with Configit Ace’s enterprise-grade configuration rule management.
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Collaborative, intuitive rule authoring

  • Users from multiple business functions can simultaneously build and maintain configuration product models
  • Create rules and product models in a graphical point-and-click environment
Configit Ace: Collaborative configuration management

Integrated debugging tools

  • Accurately validate product models
  • Release to external systems with confidence

Streamline business processes and eliminate errors

  • Align sales, engineering, manufacturing and service around configurable products

Easily manage product models over time

  • Pre-determine when certain rules take effect or should be rendered obsolete
Place customer requirements at the heart of the enterprise
Meeting complex and varied customer requirements across worldwide markets is one of the key challenges facing every global manufacturer. Ensuring that production variations can meet these requirements efficiently is a challenge.

Configit Ace is one of three CLM Modeling solutions that helps you map complex products to global markets in a way that is
both intuitive and maintainable.

Single source of truth

Ensure that the entire organization has the correct configuration data they need by integrating supply-side and sell-side systems. With Configit Ace, you create a single, centralized source of configuration truth for enterprise-wide configuration management.

Truly collaborative workflow

Using branching and version controls, Configit Ace enables product modelers from multiple enterprise functions to work together. Configuration rule administrators in engineering, marketing, manufacturing and service can focus exclusively on their own content, while intuitive conflict handling helps ensure that only a fully valid set of rules is released to downstream systems, resulting in dramatic improvements in time to market.

Powerfully agile

Configit Ace handles large scale models with thousands of rules and configuration options using a declarative product modeling language powered by Virtual Tabulation®. This patented technology enables enterprises to do more with their product configuration data and be more agile in their approach to their markets.

Eliminate bottlenecks

With built-in guidance and quality testing, Configit Ace’s collaborative workflow, combined with intuitive and flexible tools, helps get new customizable product models to market faster, with no compromise on quality.