Connect and Accelerate Your Product Configuration Process Across the Enterprise

Configuration Lifecycle Management for the Enterprise empowers your organization with a Shared Source of Truth.
Mass Customization, Embedded Technologies and Rapid Order Fulfillment Are Triggering a Catalyst For Change
Responding and adapting quickly to these changing market dynamics is essential for manufacturers to stay relevant to their customers.

In today’s manufacturing business, this requires breaking down data silos and functional bottlenecks to accelerate product development and enable exceptional customer experience. Cross functional collaboration on the product configuration process is no longer a 'nice to have' but a 'need to have' to stay competitive.
Why you Need a Shared Source of Truth for Your Product Configuration Data
Manufacturers can only attain and maintain a competitive advantage if their entire organization is operating from the same data.

Companies often struggle to manage product modeling configuration rules due to volume, constraints and complexity in general. Legacy applications can be difficult to support, and a manual process using spreadsheets is hard to control, update, and is prone to human error. PLM and ERP systems have limited deployment reach across your enterprise and can be challenging to learn.

There is a better way.
The Configuration Lifecycle Management Approach
Our Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach shifts the focus of traditional digital transformation initiatives from process-driven to data-driven. Specifically, product configuration data.

By placing the product configuration data at the heart of the enterprise, Configuration Lifecycle Management provides the tools needed to manage evolving product configuration complexity, respond to changing customer preferences and weather market disruptions for the long haul.

Intuitive, powerful, and built to handle the requirements of the world’s leading companies, this solution aligns the product configuration data across the enterprise to create one Shared Source of Truth. This enables your business to respond faster to change by deploying fast, accurate product configuration data to every relevant business function.

Key Benefits

Scalable and Modular

Designing, manufacturing and selling complex products in a global marketplace means managing high volumes of data.

Traditionally this was done in functional silos using ERP, PLM, CPQ and CRM systems.

Configuration Lifecycle Management transforms this conventional business model by extracting, analyzing, and compressing your company’s configuration data into a single shareable repository, ensuring all functions of your organization are accessing the most up-to-date, accurate information.

Reduce time from product

No Product too Complex

Our multi-patented Virtual Tabulation® technology is the most powerful configuration engine on the market. Fast, responsive and scalable, VT™ is the core of all of Configit’s products and solutions.

By centering your company’s workflow around a shared source of configuration truth, you can design and launch new products faster, provide your sales team with fast, accurate quoting data, and focus your product offers on only the most ordered, most profitable options.

30 - 70% earlier product releases

Powerful - Stable - Fast

Configuration rule management is at the heart of every Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) or CPQ implementation. But unlike most PLM, ERP or CPQ systems, Configit’s rule management engine places a priority on the power, effectiveness and speed of the product modeling experience. By capturing configuration rules from all business functions, your enterprise becomes uniquely empowered for a truly seamless configuration lifecycle, at scale and error free.

The advanced Virtual Tabulation® based configuration engine powers fast, responsive, scalable configurator applications for even the most complex products. Most CPQ systems are geared solely to front-office processes. Configit’s Configuration Lifecycle Management modeling solutions are designed to be integrated with PLM and CAD systems creating a front-office/back-office capability that enables the rapid acquisition of new and changed product information, and equally fast deployment to the business functions that rely on it.
Up to 40% faster order handling time

How to Collaborate Cross-Functionally on a Single Source of Truth

Get insight into Demant’s journey from inconsistent data across domains to one global process for handling and maintaining product master data by viewing this webinar.

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