Configit CPQ Solutions:
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There is no shortage of CPQ solutions on the market.

But not all CPQ solutions are created equal.

Will your CPQ solution scale
with your growth?

Manufacturing complex products has unique challenges. The proliferation of features, functions, and additional product lines can add pressure to an already overburdened CPQ system. This free ebook will help you determine if your current CPQ solution is the right one for you and your company.

This has been a real win for us - across the board"

- Stefan Hackert, IT/Process Manager, GEA Tuchenhagen

Powerful CPQ solutions for global enterprises
For more than a decade, Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions have been improving sales processes and increasing quality of quotes by making accurate, up-to-date product and pricing data available to sales professionals. This is critical for companies selling complex, configurable products. Quickly and easily providing quotes to customers allows them to stay ahead of the competition, increase overall sales and be sure that what is sold can be produced.

But, not all CPQ solutions are the same.

In contrast to other solutions on the market, Configit aligns ERP, CRM and PLM systems so that errors due to unsynchronized data are eliminated, creating accurate and actionable product and pricing data. Powered by Virtual Tabulation® technology, Configit’s CPQ solutions can handle the most complex products and pricing structures. By extracting and compiling ERP data into a compact file, all possible configurations are available at your fingertips. No need to continually reaffirm or validate a configuration when preparing a quote. It’s no longer necessary to have network connectivity, as the compiled Virtual Tabulation® file is stored locally, freeing your sales team to conduct business anytime, anywhere.


Leverage the value of your SAP data. With Configit’s CPQ for SAP, your product and pricing data becomes actionable and executable. This data can also be enriched by adding additional rules using one of Configit’s three rule management environments, enabling sales to deliver the highest quality customer experience.

CPQ for Online, Offline and Cloud

Your data, your way. With Configit’s CPQ for Online, Offline and Cloud, companies can use the same core data for different CPQ solutions in the cloud, on-prem or hosted online. You could also choose to have a fully capable CPQ solution offline on a laptop, for selling complex products even when there is no internet connectivity. This flexible and adaptable approach provides expanded services while not limiting the use of CPQ to one area of your business.

CPQ for Complex Systems

Remove the barriers of selling complex systems and profit from the freedom of unbounded systems. Network equipment, rack systems, HVAC and building automation systems are just a few examples of complex systems. Companies selling these systems need CPQ solutions that allow them to add configurable products in unbounded systems.

CPQ for Visual Configuration

Seeing is believing. Using interactive, visual configuration can make the challenging job of selling complex products easier. Being guided through the process with design validation allows the user to navigate the workflow quickly, efficiently and error-free.


Bring down time to market and increase order accuracy. Use the product information you have stored in PLM to drive accurate orders using CPQ. This ensures that sales are continuously aligned with what has been designed and developed.

Customers using Configit CPQ solutions