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If your organization uses SAP ERP, sells complex product or services and wants to add custom features and workflows on top of the capabilities already available in SAP Variant Configuration, Variant Configuration extraction is vital.

Configit has applied our roots in academic research to understanding and emulating SAP configuration logic using our patented Virtual Tabulation™ configuration technology (VT). This research has resulted in a market leading Variant Configuration extraction engine that has benefitted our clients by helping them enrich data from SAP ERP, use it in front-end applications and feed information back into SAP ERP in the form of orders.

Combining Configit’s market-leading SAP integration with the compilation-based Virtual Tabulation™ enables our clients to use SAP Variant Configuration as a back-end for advanced, easy-to-use sales configurator implementations. The integration takes your current SAP VC implementation to a whole new level of usefulness by using it in all conceivable sales channels and platforms – even offline – when your sales force needs to go where internet connectivity can be an issue.

Extracting SAP Variant Configuration Rules and Pricing

What is unique about Configit’s SAP VC integration is that we capture absolutely all SAP VC and pricing data without altering it, allowing customers to upload data back into SAP. No re-writing of configuration rules is required.

KMATs, rules and pricing is extracted as a VT data package. The VT data package uses Virtual Tabulation™ to compile all valid solutions and combinations into a compact file that can be enriched with supporting content (such as product images, etc.) or declarative rules using e.g. Configit Model for aspects of product models that would be unfeasible to maintain in SAP VC.

SAP SAP Variant Configuration Extraction - Extract. Use,

Extract SAP Variant Configuration data – Use on all devices and platforms – Upload back to SAP

Once a product or solution has been configured, it is uploaded to SAP as an order along with the Bill of Material (BOM), enabling all products and pricing master data to be maintained inside SAP.

Using SAP Variant Configuration Extraction in Practice

Using the SAP VC data in the form of a VT package allows for greater flexibility in data useage. Companies can choose to extract their SAP VC data for a number of different purposes.

1. Improve Performance and Usability

Once the Variant Configuration data has been extracted and has been packaged, this file can then be distributed and accessed using a product configurator of CPQ application. When a user makes a configuration choice, eg. selecting a specific component with a specific set of dimensions, the user will have instant access to all of the resulting valid choices. Users no longer need to ask the central SAP system which choices are valid; everything is at their fingertips.
Due to the declarative nature of Virtual Tabulation™ there is no fixed order in which the configuration should be made. The user is able to start the configuration at the point that fits the user’s situation. All other options and choices will adapt accordingly to the first choice. This makes for a very intuitive user experience where the software adapts to the users behaviour rather than the user having to adapt to a fixed order of actions in the configuration process.

2. Aligning Sales and Product Data

The possible ways to implement sales configurators and CPQ solutions are numerous. For some organizations that sell configurable products across various markets, the need for sales configurators and CPQ applications can result in these being implemented very differently in different divisions and departments of a company. The likelihood of this resulting in misaligned data is very high.
Companies can align this data, even if it resides in different SAP instances across different borders, by extracting the data as VT packages,using them in sales configurators and CPQ solutions, that return orders back into SAP.
See the CPQ and sales configurator ROI case study about ABB Electrification Products Protection and Connection (EPPC) to see how they approached this challenge.

3. Offline CPQ and Sales Configurators

For organizations that sell configurable products and services in regions where internet connectivity can be an issue, the possibility to extract product and pricing data from SAP VC and use it in offline sales configurators and CPQ applications provides a strong competitive advantage.

4. Enabling Resellers to Use Product and Pricing Data

When product and pricing data from SAP VC is extracted and made available in a web-based sales configurator or CPQ application, resellers can access this data to configure and order products for their customers using the original master data without needing direct access to the SAP system.

Using SAP Variant Configuration Extraction in Your Company

If you would like to discuss how SAP VC data extraction could be utilized in your company, get in touch with us

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