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By extracting product information from multiple sources, including PLM and SAP®, our Configuration Lifecycle Management Solutions calculate all valid product configuration options currently available, including marketing and sales options related to pricing, localization, campaigns, discounts and terms and conditions.

This provides your sales teams with accurate, accessible and actionable data.

Two Integration Paths to Leverage SAP®

Configit provides two solutions that integrate with SAP®: Configit Quote® and Configit Ace® powered by Virtual Tabulation® technology.

Configit Quote® is a CPQ focused solution, while Configit Ace® is an open platform that can be used for sales, engineering, manufacturing or service applications enabling cross-functional product configuration data sharing.

Key Benefits

Extended SAP® functionality

Configit Configuration Lifecycle Management Solutions enable direct placement of orders in SAP® for faster, more efficient sales processes, particularly for CPQ and Configure-to-Order (CTO).

Open APIs

Open APIs allow for easy integration with other systems and front-end applications, whether they be stand-alone applications or cloud services.

No double maintenance

Configit Configuration Lifecycle Management Solutions understand and interpret SAP® data so that the product configuration information in both solutions is synchronized at all times, avoiding double maintenance of data and costly mistakes.

Personalized UIs

The look-and-feel of a UI can be customized for a specific brand, customer segment or geography while leveraging the same central information.

Customer Case

CNH International

Selling multiple products under several brands in numerous geographies, CNH International needed one global sales tool for their dealers.

By extending SAP® with Configuration Lifecycle Management, it was possible to extract data from SAP® and present it in different, specific contexts.

The solution, based on Configit Ace®, adapted and enriched data to meet the specific needs of each brand and geography while maintaining brand identity, product information and details in a uniform way.

Logo Case New Holland Industrial

Customers Leveraging SAP® Data with Configuration Lifecycle Management Solutions

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