Nordic Customer Day 2018

Shared experiences, ideas, and solutions on configuration management

This past June, Configit’s Nordic customers gathered for a one day summit to collaborate, share experiences and learn best practices around configuration. Discussions were lively and covered a broad range of topics from the Configuration Lifecycle Management vision and product roadmap, to industry-specific challenges around configuration and change management.



Afternoon workshops proved insightful, with brainstorming sessions focused on two questions:

  • What problems or obstacles would an integrated configuration solution solve?
  • What do you foresee as challenges to implementing an integrated configuration solution?

Workshop Results

Overwhelmingly, the group came to the consensus that creating a single point of reference for data – e.g., a single source of truth – would help achieve higher customer satisfaction and experience, ensure quality across systems by optimizing communication and collaboration between departments, and manage complex configurations in all aspects of the product lifecycle.

A second, but equally meaningful, discussion centered around change management. Having the right level of financial and personnel resources, engaging in cultural and change management, and a well-defined strategic vision to carry it out was identified as potential challenges to overcome. This is a critical component of any large-scale implementation. Configit works closely with the Institute for Process Excellence (IpX) in development of training and processes to ensure operational excellence.

We would like to thank the participants for attending the Nordic Customer Day, and for sharing their thoughts, stories and anecdotes on configuration management.

Upcoming events include IpX’s 31st Annual ConX18 in September, where Configit CEO Henrik Reif Andersen will be presenting, and discussions will focus on Enterprise Change Management, Industry 4.0 and sustainable strategies for an industrial IoT.

In October, Configit’s flagship events, CLM Summit and User Summit, will take place in Atlanta, Georgia. To register, visit

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