Portrait of Heiko Markgraf
Tech Talk
Heiko Markgraf
Technical Presales Engineer
How Guided Configuration Improves Customer Experience and Sales Productivity
October 11th, 2022, 10:00 a.m. EST / 4:00 p.m. CEST
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Creating and Analyzing Your Valid Configurations

Get an insider’s view of how a configuration solution can provide distinct advantages in the market from Configit CTO Henrik Hulgaard.

How to Leverage PLM to Master Product Complexity

Learn why integrating a PLM system with Configuration Lifecycle Management provides the scale needed to manage increasingly complex products.

Enhance Your Salesforce CPQ with a Powerful Configurator

Grow your understanding of the technical and business benefits of integrating Configit Ace® with your Salesforce CPQ software.

Leveraging Your SAP® Data to Reduce Configuration Complexity

Discover how creating a web-based platform using SAP® and Configit Ace® builds a high-performance solution for product configuration.

Accelerate and Simplify Your Product Versioning Using Component Modeling

Gain deeper understanding of how component modeling works and why manufacturers are increasingly moving to this product modeling framework.

The Two Core Capabilities in Managing Configuration Models over Time

Hear Henrik Hulgaard discuss the two critical capabilities needed to properly manage configurable products: Versioning and Effectivity.

Improve Productivity and Guided Configuration Using Your Solution Space

Discover how VT® and Solution Space allows you to optimize processes around engineering, sales, manufacturing, stock management and services.

Accurate and Error-free System Configurations With Reduced Authoring and Design Time

Learn the benefits of ‘perfect guidance,’ and how Virtual Tabulation’s constraint solver can help reduce Engineering involvement to configure complete systems.

Why Choosing a Platform-Agnostic Configuration Solution is Essential for Growth

Configit CTO Henrik Hulgaard discusses the benefits and values of an open, agnostic configuration platform using Configit Ace®.

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