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CLM Summit 2024
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Orchestrate Your Configuration Data
May 15-16, 2024
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A common challenge with offering configurable products is the customer expectation of being able to change the configuration at any point in the process with little-to-no impact on availability or delivery time.

Today, B2B manufacturing companies struggle with order changes during production or retrofit due to the manual effort and time needed from other functions. As business models change to include ‘features on demand’ and product-as-a service, these challenges will only increase.

This Tech Talk takes an in-depth view of how Configit Ace® supports these configuration changes through the analysis of the Solution Space. Heiko Markgraf, Manager, Sales Engineer, will discuss how Virtual Tabulation® (VT™) configuration technology provides the insight to determine what changes are available and with additional information on which option is fastest, easiest, or least expensive.

Learn how Configit Ace® supports order changes, retrofits and product-as-a-service scenarios for the best possible outcomes for your customers with the least amount of effort, regardless of complexity.

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