Why Choosing a Platform-Agnostic
Configuration Solution is Essential for Growth

Presented by Henrik Hulgaard, CTO, Configit

Many enterprise platforms limit users to working within the boundaries of their own systems, preventing you from re-using your data in other applications. This leads to disconnected data silos and time-consuming manual processes to move data from one system to another. For product configuration data, the result is error-prone intensive rework.

With a platform-agnostic configuration solution, your data can float across systems and be used in any consuming application. And because you are not tied to any one enterprise system, you can create a single source of truth across the organization which enables you to collaborate and innovate faster, with less risk of errors.

In this Tech Talk, Configit CTO Henrik Hulgaard discusses what we mean when we talk about an open, agnostic configuration platform and how Configit Ace® allows organizations to bring data together from multiple sources within the enterprise to provide a single source of truth with respect to configuration across all functions.

Henrik uses real-life examples to illustrate the way external data can be published to the Configit Ace® Platform and consumed through standard, uniform, and open APIs by various applications, all using the same endpoints.

Watch the video and learn how an agnostic cross-functional configuration platform can help your organization improve productivity and achieve economies of scale by aligning your configuration data across functions to one single source of truth.

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