Instantaneous Generation of Configured BOMs​

May 2023 Product Release:
New BOM Solve API generates BOMs for specific configurations in seconds

Leverage Product Models during Design Process
and Accelerate CPQ Response Times​​

The continuous demand for more customizable and personalized products requires more configurable product designs. However, designing and working with Configurable BOMs (cBOMs) can be challenging. Generating a valid BOM for a configurable product can be time-consuming and can require a great deal of manual effort.

To address these challenges, the Configit Ace® BOM Solve API helps manufacturers rapidly generate a BOM for a configurable product by leveraging product models. This saves both time and effort. The BOM Solve API instantaneously generates a configured BOM, or 100% BOM, for a given configuration.

​This can be used by engineers to test and debug cBOMs and product models during the design process. ​
In addition, given a valid Configurable Sales BOM and configuration, it is possible for the BOM Solve API to immediately generate a Sales BOM as part of a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) process.

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Dramatically Reduce cBOM Design Time and Effort​

Existing solutions for automatically generating or exploding a cBOM are often slow. This has made it difficult to test and debug cBOMs.

Ideally, the cBOM and product model should be developed at the same time, but there has been no way to date to leverage product models in the cBOM design process. ​

The Configit Ace® BOM Solve API can generate configured BOMs in seconds enabling engineers to test and debug cBOMs quickly during the design process. It also enables engineers and product modelers to collaborate and develop the cBOM and product model at the same time. ​

This reduces time by leveraging the speed of generation as well as identifying issues early in the design process.

Respond to Customization Requests Faster​

Responding to new customization and personalization requests from customers can take time. Often, engineers need to be involved to assess whether the requested configuration can be delivered. ​​

One of the reasons for this is that it takes time to generate a Sales BOM (sBOM) for a given product configuration request. ​

The Configit Ace® BOM Solve API now enables instantaneous generation of sBOMs for a specific configuration. This reduces the overall time needed to provide a quotation. ​

The BOM Solve API can also support partially configured or 120% BOMs accommodating both Configure-to-Order (CTO) and Engineer-to-Order (ETO) processes.​

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Configit Ace®
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