Flexible, Efficient and Cost-Effective Product Configuration

November 2023 Product Release:
Structured BOM generation and customer-driven enhancements for flexible localization, efficient system integration and cost-effective cloud hosting.

Structured BOM Generation for Complex Products​​

The latest release of Configit Ace® provides significant BOM Solve enhancements.

Instantly generate system-level BOMs based on any type of configurable BOM (cBOM).

Generate BOMs for Complex Hierarchical Products

Support system-level solutions with multiple levels of configurable and non-configurable products.

✔ Define BOM Solve properties
✔ Create global variable catalogue
✔ Define units and quantities

Establish a Shared Source of Truth for Synchronized BOMs

Instantly generate and synchronize engineering, manufacturing, sales or service BOMs with Virtual Tabulation®.

✔ Import any type of cBOM
✔ Control BOM Solve with arguments
✔ Get all property values for a BOM

Enable Concurrent Engineering with Structured BOM Generation

Concurrent engineering now possible thanks to ability to quickly generate and test BOMs for specific configurations.

✔ Test cBOM selection conditions
✔ Synchronize with product models rules
✔ Analyze Configit Ace® Verify

Customer-Driven Enhancements for Improved Configuration Experiences

The latest Configit Ace® release includes a number of enhancements to existing capabilities driven by customer feedback and suggestions.

Flexible Localization

Enhanced localization capabilities now provide flexibility in supporting both major languages and dialects in product configuration user interfaces.

— Define translations for all major UI elements
— Define “text types” for flexible translation
— Only translate words that differ

Efficient Integration

Improvements to existing Model API enables a more efficient interaction and lower session cost.
This allows partners and internal development resources to integrate with PLM, ERP and CRM systems in a faster and more efficient manner.

— Efficient API interactions
— Single step create or update of features
— Leads to cost-effective SaaS sessions

Cost-effective Cloud Hosting

Improvements to existing Model API enables a more efficient interaction and lower session cost.
Continuous improvement in cloud hosting efficiency and addition of additional capabilities to provide customers with the most cost-effective hosting options.

— Support for latest Microsoft .NET 8.0 framework
— Support for Linux containers
— Support for a broad range of other operating systems

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