CLM Modeling

Speed - Stability - Simplicity

Control increasingly complex products while getting new products to market faster.
Portrait of Peter Tiedemann
Tech Talk
Peter Tiedemann
Product Manager
Consolidate, Compile, Consume: The Three Steps to a Shared Source of Configuration Truth
June 27, 2024, 10:00 a.m. EDT / 4:00 p.m. CEST
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  • Do you use spreadsheets or custom applications to manage product configuration data and configuration rules?
  • Are these systems easy for new users to understand?
  • Is your configuration management system powerful enough to accommodate engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing, and service rules?

Empower your enterprise with a seamless configuration lifecycle

Manufacturers often struggle to manage product modeling configuration rules. Legacy applications can be difficult to support, and spreadsheets can be hard to control and even harder to update. PLM and ERP systems have limited deployment reach across your enterprise and can be challenging to learn.

Configit’s CLM Modeling solves these challenges with state-of-the-art configuration modeling solutions. Intuitive, powerful, and built to handle the requirements of the world’s leading companies, CLM Modeling offers solutions that will enable your business to respond to change more quickly, and help your company deploy fast, accurate product configuration to every business function that needs it.

Configuration rule management is at the heart of every CLM or CPQ implementation. But unlike most PLM, ERP, or CPQ systems, Configit’s rule management places a priority on the power and effectiveness of the product modeling experience. By capturing configuration rules from all business functions, your enterprise becomes uniquely empowered for a truly seamless configuration lifecycle.

An advanced Virtual Tabulation® based configuration engine powers fast, responsive, scalable configurator applications for even the most complex products. Most CPQ systems are geared solely to front-office processes. Configit’s CLM Modeling solutions are designed to be integrated with PLM and CAD systems creating a front-office/back-office capability that enables the rapid acquisition of new and changed product information, and equally fast deployment to the business functions that rely on it.

Ease of use

  • User-friendly, user-guided environment enables new modelers to come up to speed quickly
  • No engineering skills needed to use modeling environment

Power and stability

  • Configit’s Virtual Tabulation® technology is patented, theoretically grounded, and time-tested to handle extremely complex products

Collaborative environment

  • Share one master set of configuration data across engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing, and service
  • Powerful team-based work management features enable you to get products to market faster, even when rules span multiple business functions

Automated testing

  • Exhaustive, automated testing proves the test holds for
    every configuration
  • Prevent configuration errors by proving the rules are correct
  • Perform detailed analyses at modeling time using VTTM files

Confident data release process

  • Identify and resolve conflicts before releasing product and
    configuration data
  • Quickly assess any potential consequences to changes
  • Use work item sandboxing to test changes