CLM Sales

Reduce sales cycle time, increase customer satisfaction,
and eliminate configuration errors.

  • Do you need to manage quoting for complex products?
  • Is your sales configuration or CPQ system powerful enough, and fast enough, to keep up with your users?
  • Is your CPQ system fully integrated with product master data, so you get new products to market quickly?

Market faster. Sell more.

As a CPQ function, CLM Sales enables faster, more intuitive selling, rapid creation of accurately priced quotes, and the reduction of order errors due to incomplete or incorrect sales configuration. The result: increased revenue from accelerated sales cycles and larger deal sizes, the reduction of costs due to rework, and a better overall customer experience.

CLM Sales can be integrated to PLM systems to enable better speed to market and increased agility in dynamic markets. Integrated with ERP, CLM Sales enables the seamless transition from quote to order, eliminating manual handoffs or costly, custom integrations.

Like CPQ, CLM Sales enables the sale of configurable and customizable products, but it is also integrated to other business functions. CLM’s single source of configuration truth encompasses sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service creating one set of rules, to be used in any business process that handles configured product.

Go beyond CPQ

Most CPQ solutions are front-office solutions, decoupled from the complex back office realities of engineering, manufacturing, maintaining, and servicing complex products. CLM Sales is designed to be integrated with CRM, PLM and ERP systems, resulting in accurate, fully synchronized configuration data across enterprise systems.

Support multiple sales channels

Distribute configuration rules to all sales channels, including partners, using the same product and pricing data used for your CPQ applications. Virtual Tabulation® enables you to compile and distribute all relevant product and pricing data in compact files to customized and integrated sales configurator and CPQ applications – regardless of the sales channel.

Best-in-class user experience

Configit’s patented Virtual Tabulation® technology powers the best configuration experience in the business for predictable response time and performance, even for very complex products. Users are always guided to accurate, correct inputs with no backtracking.

CRM and e-commerce integration

Use product configuration and pricing data in workflows and software environments that sales people are already using, such as Salesforce CRM or Microsoft CRM. Integrate to leading ecommerce systems like SAP Hybris so your end customers can configure their own solutions.

Extend data use

Reuse existing SAP LO-VC data in an environment dedicated to making that data usable in sales channels. Configit’s market-leading tool for extracting SAP VC product and pricing data sends error free quotes back to SAP. With SAP remaining the master data source, maintenance workload is minimized as products change over time.

Flexible product administration

Configit offers not one, but three different product configuration modeling solutions, giving you the right tool for your unique business environment to manage and maintain product definitions.