KEYNOTE: Selling Complex Products in the Metaverse

Dave Rhodes
Senior Vice President


Driven by the pandemic, buyer behavior across every industry has changed. This key note provides a unique perspective on how, and why, industrial organizations are adapting metaverse technologies to maintain relevance in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

How to Improve Customer Experience and Sales Performance – CLM Use Cases

Jens Ellebæk
Consulting Offerings Manager


For many organizations, their CPQ solution is struggling to manage the increasing product complexity and high demand for customization. In order to deliver an accurate, competitively priced quote (the first time) CPQ systems need to be integrated with the complex back-office realities of engineering, manufacturing, maintaining, and servicing these complex products. In this presentation, Jens Ellebæk will present use-cases that demonstrate how an enterprise-grade sales configurator can simplify sales, improve efficiency and save costs by using a single integrated configuration platform across all sales channels.

Improving Sales Productivity with Guided Selling Powered by VT® Technology

Heiko Markgraf
Manager, Technical Presales Engineer


In the world of complex, configurable products, the guidance through the configuration process is key to both the customer experience and speeding up the sales process. This is particularly important for public websites or webshops where the guidance of the product selection and configuration process influences the buying decision of the customer. The result can be the difference between the customer finding the right product and hitting the Ask For Quote” or “Add to Cart” button, or leaving and staying “anonymous.”
In this session, we will step back and look at how you can improve your user experience and guidance in the configuration process to ensure not only increasing sales, but mitigating the risk of losing leads on your website, with the “out of the box” functionalities a modern configuration engine powered by Virtual Tabulation® technology can offer, without any extra effort in modeling or maintenance.

Configit Manager, Technical Presales Engineer Heiko Markgraf, will show how standard features in a configurator can be used to effectively improve user guidance, as well as:

– How to improve user experience and user efficiency
– How to achieve enhanced guiding for sales and other end-users throughout the configuration process
– How concepts like conflict solving and exclusion of features create better results


Real-Time 3D Configuration of Complex Products for B2B End Customers – Unity + Configit Explained

Randal Cumming
Senior Business Strategy Manager


What you see is what you get! B2B buyers today expect to see exactly what they want to buy and have complete confidence that the product they configure can be ordered, manufactured, and delivered. For manufacturers of complex products, the challenge lies in creating a truly immersive visual environment that accurately reflects configuration choices in real-time. In this presentation Randal Cumming, Senior Business Strategy Manager at Unity, examines how combining best-in-class real time 3D visualization from Unity with leading configuration technology from Configit revolutionizes customer experience and drives sustainable revenue growth.


Case: CNH Industrial – Creating Exceptional Customer Experience with an Integrated,
Cross-Functional Sales Solution

Alberto Russo
SAP Project Manager
CNH Industrial


CNH Industrial is a global leader in the construction and agricultural machinery sector with a wide range of products and a worldwide presence. A few years ago, CNHi began an initiative to align not only their many sales applications, but also their different brands on one application, creating a seamless user experience. This global project bridges CRM and CPQ logic to support the sales process of new, pre-owned, and stock vehicles. This presentation discusses the background of this ambitious global initiative, as well as the challenges of developing a new global sales app that includes CNHi’s global dealer network, while still providing an easy and straightforward sales experience for CNHi’s salesforce.

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