The Global Configuration Management Event of the Year
Since 2015, the Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Summit has gathered manufacturing experts, innovators, and leaders from around the globe to share their experiences, success and insights on how to transform the end-to-end configuration management process into a competitive advantage.

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Why Attend?

This year’s virtual summit is aimed at B2B manufacturers and others with an interest in the configuration of complex products. At the Summit you will connect with industry experts and learn valuable insights from other manufacturers on how a cross-functional Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach, implementing an enterprise-wide information model on the product configuration data, can help you and your company meet your business goals.

Explore recent and emerging trends in manufacturing while discovering how your existing tech stack can be leveraged to help your company mitigate risk, reduce costs and enable growth. During the event you will be able to visit the virtual booths to learn more about Configuration Lifecycle Management, and book one-on-one sessions with experts on all things configuration.

Who Should Attend the Summit?

  • Senior Management

    Gain strategies to digitally transform your enterprise-wide product configuration management processes and learn how this impacts your business performance on revenue growth, cost savings and product risk mitigation.
  • Sales Leaders

    Learn how to set your company apart by leveraging existing technology like CPQ to deliver exceptional customer experiences, reduce time to market and close more deals faster.
  • Engineering Leaders

    Connecting with subject matter experts you can gain first hand experience on the technology, processes and strategies needed to define, manage, and analyze product configuration rules.

Get Insights to Transform Your Business

Stop product complexity from holding back your business transformation.

Today’s customers are asking for greater customization and choice, which increases the complexity of products and associated product design, manufacturing and sales processes. The faster you gain control of this complexity, the faster you create a competitive advantage to your competitors, as this will impact your revenue growth, provide cost savings and enable you to reduce risk of errors.

Achieve peak operational performance using configuration management technologies.

This year’s Configuration Lifecycle Management Summit will focus on how manufacturers can get in control of complexity while achieving peak operational performance using configuration management technologies to connect configuration data across the enterprise -- integrating configuration data from PLM, CRM, ERP and more -- into one single source of truth.

Create a path to growth, cost savings and risk reduction.

Spanning three days, the CLM Summit begins with a day of sessions focused on how changing the strategy of your configuration management processes can create a path of growth and competitive edge. Days 2 and 3 are targeted towards Sales and Engineering leaders, with topics focused on how Sales and Engineering can use technology to develop the tools to grow revenue, save costs, and reduce risk.

Configuration Lifecycle Management for the Enterprise

Mastering Configuration Complexity to Enable Growth, Mitigate Risk & Reduce Cost

May 17, 14.30 - 18.00 CEST | 8.30 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. EDT

Product complexity is here to stay. Strategies focused on optimizing individual business units are no longer sufficient. From embedded software to hyper-personalization, effectively managing and optimizing this complexity is the key to unlocking growth.

Join us on Day 1 of the Summit to hear presentations from peers, colleagues and experts on current and future trends, and gain insight on why a cross-functional strategy on product configuration management is a must to stay competitive in today’s market and in the future.

Get inspired by industry leaders from PwC, Emerson, Jaguar Land Rover and more.

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Configuration Lifecycle Management for Sales

Beyond CPQ – Mastering Complexity to Improve Customer Experience and Sales Performance

May 18, 15.00 - 17.30 CEST | 9.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. EDT

Delivering an exceptional customer experience can set you apart from the competition. But how can you do that when your CPQ solution is struggling to manage increasing product complexity and high demand for customization?

Learn how an enterprise-grade sales configurator can simplify sales, improve efficiency and save costs by using a single integrated configuration platform across all sales channels.

Hear industry leaders from Unity, CNH Industrial, and more discuss how thinking beyond CPQ by implementing an Enterprise Product Configuration solution creates a seamless transition from quote to order and, more importantly, a seamless customer experience, including adding immersive real-time 3D configuration.

Configuration Lifecycle Management for Engineering

Beyond PLM - Reducing Complexity to Increase Engineering Productivity

May 19, 15.00 - 17.30 CEST | 9.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. EDT

No longer confined to the traditional linear processes of the past, PLM systems are struggling to keep up with the vast amount of complexity in today’s products. Manual handover processes and a lack of process automation steals valuable time away from engineers.

How do you balance the need to innovate with the imperative to grow the business?

Hear how Johnson Controls and others have successfully reduced complexity while managing more products with the same resources and at lower costs by creating a cross-functional single source of truth for greater configuration analysis and collaborative modeling.​​​​

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Join Us for One or More Tracks

The Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Virtual Summit brings together the people and companies that are redefining complex product configuration in manufacturing.

Join us for an incredible virtual summit May 17, 18 and 19.