Elevate Your B2B Manufacturing: Unleashing the Power of a Vendor-Agnostic Configurator and Immersive CX with Configit Ace®, Integrating with NVIDIA Omniverse

For the past several years, we have talked about the increasing need for B2B manufacturers to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The increasing influence of B2C, the advent of new technologies, and the changing landscape of sales have all been placing increasing pressures on manufacturers across multiple industries.

Shaped by their experiences in the B2C realm, today’s customers expect sleek interfaces, instantaneous feedback, and increased product customization. Convenient, seamless transactions are baseline expectations, with one in three consumers[1] (32%) saying they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.

Suffice to say, pre-rendered images and a sluggish response time in interactive experiences won’t cut it with today’s customers.

But simply having a slick interface won’t hide a cumbersome selection process and slow configuration engine. A common mistake we have seen manufacturers make is assuming the configurator that comes with their CPQ or PLM applications will be robust enough to handle their product’s complexity. We often see companies that have spent a large portion of their budget on the configurator interface only to find that, when deployed, the configurator technology can’t keep up with the large amount of data and calculations, resulting in configuration errors — or that it isn’t powerful enough to compute correct configurations, such that inaccurate orders reach the factory floor.

Historically, product configurators have been bundled within other systems, such as CPQ and PLM. By decoupling the “C” in configure, price, and quote solutions, manufacturers can truly scale their operations as products continue to become more complex.

By choosing a vendor-agnostic configuration solution like Configit Ace®, which frees the product configurator from the CPQ bundle, manufacturers can not only expand their role to include unassisted sales channels such as websites and dealer portals, but also scale their manufacturing and engineering operations through a centralized hub of accurate, up-to-date configuration data. Implementing a best-of-breed configuration tool like Configit Ace® throughout the enterprise not only powers all sales channels, but also helps manufacturers identify gaps in product development, accelerate innovation, eliminate hand-over errors, and transition from an Engineering-to-Order to a Configure-to-Order (CTO) model.

Bring Data Together from Multiple Sources within the Enterprise

With NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for developing and deploying advanced 3D applications and pipelines based on OpenUSD, manufacturers across industries can deliver hyper-realistic simulations for an immersive 3D buying experience. Developers can use NVIDIA Omniverse to:

  • Build 3D experiences faster than ever
  • Develop with little -to -no code
  • Power industrial digitalization
  • Streamline complex 3D workflows

“The vendor-agnostic composable configurator Configit Ace® and NVIDIA Omniverse offer a powerful combination for B2B manufacturers,” said Johan Salenstedt, CEO, Configit. “Embrace them to thrive in the age of customer-centricity and digital transformation.”

“A new era of industrial digitalization is challenging enterprises to keep up with the latest efficiency and optimization demands,” said Paul Cutsinger, director of Omniverse at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA Omniverse enables the collaborative development of tools to help manufacturers across industries transform their product development and CAD workflows, boost factory efficiency and productivity with AI, and plan and optimize entire factory projects virtually.”

Simplify Complexity with Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Discover the complexity challenges it helps your organization address, and how to get started.

About the Author

Henrik Hulgaard Configit

Henrik Reif Andersen is the Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Configit, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions and a supplier of business-critical software for the configuration of complex products. He holds a doctorate in computer science from the University of Aarhus and has more than 25 years of experience in IT development and research.


[1] PwC, T. Puthiyamadam, Experience Is Everything: Here’s How to Get It Right.