A Seamless CX Requires a Powerful Configuration Engine

Our unique Virtual Tabulation® product configuration engine delivers three key elements essential to a great configuration experience: instant pre-compilation, total flexibility, and conflict resolution assistance.
Inadequate Configuration Logic Leads to Poor Performance, Configuration Errors and a Negative User Experience
For manufacturers of complex products, the customer experience (CX) starts at the product configurator. A negative configuration experience can damage your brand and product image in an instant.

Ensuring a great product configuration experience each and every time requires more than a great UI design and more than a focus on the Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution.

It requires a focus on solid configuration management that ensures consistency, reliability and speed.

Configit Solutions Are Trusted by the World's Largest Manufacturing Companies

For the central rule engine, we obviously went with Configit who offered the most visionary and strongest solution of the competition."

— Jonas Skov Pedersen, Manager, Product Master Data Development, Demant

Today’s Product Configuration Challenges

A smooth customer experience (CX) is what differentiates the leading manufacturers from the laggards.

Product configuration is becoming a critical competitive tool for manufacturers. According to a recent IDC survey, 85% of the best performing manufacturers rely on product configuration management to deliver key business objectives.

Ensuring great customer experiences when using product configurators is becoming essential.

Great User Interface (UI) design is important, but not enough if a bad configuration experience follows due to inadequate configuration logic and poor configuration lifecycle management.

Typical product configuration frustrations include:

Performance — When a selection is made, the product configurator needs time to make new calculations, which delays the process.

Inflexibility The product configurator restricts the order in which choices can be made and forces users to restart when conflicts occur.

Errors and Conflict Handling — Errors in the product model rules can lead to “dead-ends” where no selection is possible, or conflicts between rules where there is little assistance on how to resolve the issues.

Address Product Configuration Challenges with Virtual Tabulation®

Ensuring a smooth configuration experience requires focusing on managing the configurations presented to customers and the configuration process itself.

Three elements are key and have a positive impact on the user experience (UX), which are all solved with Virtual Tabulation®:

✔ Configuration

Pre-compiling all valid product configurations upfront ensures:

— Fast performance and avoids errors
— There are no “dead-ends” in product models
— A consistent and reliable customer experience
— Only valid choices are offered to customers
— It can be applied to any sales channel

✔ Flexible
Configuration Process

All valid configurations and rules are pre-available and searchable, this total flexibility means:

— No need to calculate on the fly
— Configuration selections can be made in any order
— Rules are enforced and updated instantaneously
— Conflicts are highlighted and resolved without going back or restarting

✔ Conflict Resolution

Pre-compilation eliminates “dead-ends” or invalid configurations. Although rule conflicts can still occur, due to the selections, users:

— Get assistance from the pre-compilation
— Can see which rules are in conflict
— Are provided with steps to resolve the conflict

Virtual Tabulation – the Technology Enabling a Full Overview of all Valid Configurations

Configit’s multi-patented technology Virtual Tabulation® is the only technology currently on the market that enables pre-compilation of all valid product configurations for even the most complex product portfolios and rules.

It can support large product portfolios, including multiple product versions over time, enabling configuration lifecycle management.

Effectivity rules can be created that define a specific time period when a product, product feature or rule is active, supporting management of when products and product choices are made available to customers.

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