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How to Configure Price Quote (CPQ) with SAP and Configit Quote

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Using Information from SAP


Configit Quote® Makes CPQ using SAP Data Easy

Configit Quote is built to make the experience of configuring, pricing and quoting (CPQ) as intuitive as possible. The user interface gives users control of the process but also adheres to all rules and conditions from SAP.


All the current configuration and pricing information is available for quoting in Configit Quote when the package is up to date

Fig.1 Configit Quote is up to date with the configuration and pricing information in SAP

Synchronizing with SAP

When initiating Configit Quote, an icon in the bottom right corner will indicate if the Bill of Materials (BOM) and the pricing information are identical to those in your SAP system. The SAP system and Quote will synchronize automatically when your laptop or tablet is online. This ensures that, even when offline, everything the user configures will adhere to all the rules and conditions residing in SAP.


Create a new quote starting the configure price quote process using SAP Variant Configurator data

Fig.2 Creating a new quote

1: Creating a Quote

A unique feature of Configit Quote is that the user works inside a visual representation of the quote, much like a WYSIWYG text editor like Microsoft WordTM.

Creating a quote in SAP using Configit Quote is as easy as any Microsoft OfficeTM application. Simply click “New” and name the new Quote. Customer information can be drawn from the SAP system and inserted automatically.


2: Building up the Quote

The demonstration video shows how materials can be quickly selected in the materials shortcut. For a more in-depth approach, note the detailed material finder (see fig.3) left.

Easily seek out materials from the SAP knowledgebased.

The detailed materials finder can be customized to fit the needs of the organization.

The material finder provides free-text search, or filtering of materials in the subcategories, allowing quick navigation to materials that meet client requirements.
All chosen materials will appear as new lines in a quote.


3: Using Configuration and Pricing Information from SAP

Organizing a quote is simple. Drag and drop materials and group them as needed.
Familiar user interface elements notify users of any inconsistencies and/or invalid configurations without interrupting workflow. As shown in the video, configuration and pricing are also handled with familiar user interface elements, all in a natural interaction flow.

Configit Quote, in its basic form, is a product configurator for SAP and is designed to be transparent and painless. Users are aware of all possibilities and pricing, even with complex configurable products with multiple dependencies.


Configuration, Pricing and Quoting data is maintained in SAP by simply pressing one button.

Fig.4 Create the quote in SAP where all data is maintained.

4: SAP Integration

Configit Quote uses a compressed copy of all SAP configuration and pricing information, which enables configuration of products and quotes independent of being connected to SAP. Once users are back online, the quote is easily created in SAP with the push of a single button (fig.4).

Configit Quote’s tight integration to SAP ensures that all maintenance of data is handled within the SAP system.


Try Configuring Your Own Products

To work with an expert Configit representative to configure your own products with Configit Quote, send an email to or call us to get started. Find regional phone numbers on the contact page.

If you prefer that we contact you, please note it in note it in the following request form.

Learn more about Configit Quote at

Try CPQ for SAP on Your Own Data

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