CLM Service

Turn service into a source of revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Is your service organization a profit center or a cost center?
  • How can you improve the customer experience when servicing complex products?
  • Does your service organization have access to the correct information for each configured variant?
  • How will your company manage increasingly digital products in the field?

Be more responsive to your customers' service needs

The digital revolution is increasing the amount of products containing digital controls, creating greater reliance on services to supplement product-based revenue. More and more companies are transitioning to this product-with-service model, or even product-as-a-service, in order to increase, smooth and extend revenue.

From a service perspective, configurable products raise a number of challenges: getting access to the correct documentation for a configured product, recommending the right replacement and upgrade parts, and understanding the configuration well enough to perform services in the field to name just a few.

Configit’s CLM Service rests on an enterprise-ready product configuration platform. By accessing the correct, as-built/as-shipped information for every configured product, field service processes are more efficient and more responsive to the customer’s needs.

With CLM Service, managing embedded configurations and hardware repairs are more effective, and increase accuracy and confidence of hardware upgrades, data plans, and service extension recommendations.

Guided installation configuration

  • Correct commissioning in the field, no matter the
    product’s complexity

Accurate configuration record maintenance

  • Predict and plan for service and maintenance using valid, historical product configuration (installed base) data
  • Improve service response time by integrating with external
    stakeholders’ systems

Control change propagation

  • Efficiently adapt configurations to new and updated versions of
    product definitions
  • Direct new product offerings to relevant customers
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory changes

Service integrated with configuration lifecycle

  • Ensure aligned configurations for service by defining service BOM-based configuration definitions from engineering, sales and manufacturing
  • As-serviced and as-ordered configuration records are consistent