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CPQ: What is it?

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) is software that helps companies correctly create quotes for highly customizable products, such that the offerings respect all product configuration rules, pricing rules, and product catalogue information.

A CPQ solution should ideally integrate with front-end systems – like CRM and eCommerce platforms – and back-end systems – like PLM or ERP – in order to have access to the latest sales, marketing, and engineering data.

On the front end, CPQ configurators provide intuitive, elegant, and user-friendly interfaces that let sales representatives tailor offerings to the precise requirements of their customers. It can even be opened up to customers themselves, allowing a ‘self-service’ model that helps businesses raise product awareness and generate qualified leads.

CPQ software

CPQ software bridges the gap between front-end systems (like CRM and eCommerce) and back-end systems (like PLM and ERP).


  • Faster, accurate, error-free quoting that uses the latest product and pricing information
  • Increased revenue through cross selling and upselling
  • Shorter sales cycles with automated workflow approval processes that keep price margins in check
  • Seamless handoff to order management – convert your quotes directly into orders without the need for manual validation
  • Faster time to market and improved organizational agility. Spend less time training your sales force since the software guides the quoting process
  • Easier for partners and resellers to do business with your company because demands for product knowledge are much lower
  • Needs-based selling intuitively maps customer requirements to the right products and features
  • Better customer satisfaction due to quick turnaround times and customized products built to precision
  • Reduced errors by removing the need for manual data entry in multiple systems.

Three reasons to choose Configit

Configit has the highest rate of customer success in the CPQ industry. On a percentage basis, more customers have successfully implemented Configit solutions than from any other vendor. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Technology
    At the heart of our configuration solutions is our patented technology, Virtual Tabulation™ (VT™). VT™ represents your product models in a highly efficient way, which makes complex configurations fast, lets you deploy anywhere, and enables analysis that other configuration technologies struggle to provide – for example, you can discover which options aren’t reachable during configuration, potentially revealing errors in your modeling rules and constraints.
  2. Integration
    Configit CPQ solutions can integrate with your PLM and ERP systems, reducing the need for product rule maintenance – a daunting task in competing systems. We also integrate with Salesforce, letting you take full advantage of your CRM data.
  3. Expertise
    Configit service professionals have successfully delivered configuration solutions for some of the most demanding enterprises in the world. Our approach and commitment to success is unequalled.

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