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Why CPQ?

CPQ in the cloud is configure, price, and quote software deployed using cloud infrastructure. If your business offers configure-to-order products, then CPQ software is a must. CPQ helps your sales representatives create complex quotes with accurate pricing that respects your product configuration rules. CPQ accelerates sales cycles, reduces errors, and ensures that what is sold can be built. Learn more here Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ).

What CPQ in the Cloud Can Do for You

Accelerate your business

So you’ve got a hot new product that you want to get into the hands of sales, fast. Or maybe you’ve got crucial changes to your existing product lines, or price lists have changed. With CPQ in the cloud, your users can access the latest data you publish, immediately.

Reduce IT costs

Let us handle the operations side of things. Cloud-based software means no infrastructure to buy or manage. You’ll spend less time managing your IT resources, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

Work from anywhere

The cloud gives you tremendous mobility. With CPQ on the web, your sales force can take their work wherever they go, making it possible to capture and close deals while at the office, in transit, or while visiting customers on-site.

What If I Have Other CPQ Deployment Needs?

We’ve got your back. Configit can meet a range of CPQ deployment needs. Configit Quote can be deployed on-premise, safe behind your firewall, where you can take full advantage of existing servers and IT infrastructure.

If you need CPQ offline, Configit Quote has an installable Windows client that lets your sale force work in the field without having to worry about a stable Internet connection. When back online, you’ll get any changes to your product offerings, and your quotes will be synced with the server. Find out more at Offline CPQ.

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