The most powerful, easy to use
CPQ system for complex systems

Dramatically reduce quoting time, gain customer confidence, and increase sales productivity when quoting highly complex products and configured systems.

Customers with this solution

  • Improve customer confidence

    Increase quote approval rate with 2D and 3D visualization
  • Visual CPQ functionality on a system level

    Save valuable time in sales processes when selling systems of configurable products
  • Design validation

    Ensure that you get the desired end result based on dimensioning and calculation validation
  • Smooth handover process

    Generate accurate and precise CAD drawings, MS Word, MS Excel and PDFs for easy documentation
    Reduce sales-to-manufacturing handover time from weeks to hours
No configuration too complex
Manufacturers of complex products and process equipment need more than a typical off-the-shelf CPQ solution. Highly complex products, such as rack systems, network equipment, HVAC and building automation systems, need a powerful CPQ solution built to handle the complexities and challenges of systems selling. Configit’s patented software offers a robust combination of capabilities including a powerful, systems-capable configuration engine and
an intuitive, visual configurator.

Unbounded configuration

Nearly limitless numbers of interdependent products can be added and configured within the solution space.

System dimensioning and optimization

Use local or distributed calculations on individual system elements for dimensioning and optimization.

Combine rule types

Combine pre-compiled logical, script, geometrical, and structural rules to make your optimal product description. Use soft rules, defaults, and priorities to help guide the user during configuration.

User experience

Out-of-the-box functionality for customizing the configurator
user experience.


Visualization of your configurations in a 2D or 3D interactive environment.

Drawing generation

Create 2D drawings, complete with measurements, drawing headers,
and frames.

Document generation

Create Word, Excel, or PDF documents based on your
configuration data.

Collaborative modeling

Powerful collaborative modeling environment lets multiple users work concurrently on the same project.

Virtual Tabulation®

Configit Build takes full advantage of Configit’s patented Virtual Tabulation® technology.

Configure, price, quote

Generate configuration-driven quotes using pricing and price calculations along with Configit’s quoting capabilities.