Deploy CPQ online, offline or in the cloud

No matter how your organization wants to use CPQ, Configit provides
the infrastructure to deliver just the right solution.

Customers with this solution

  • Fast deployment and low maintenance

    Cloud-based CPQ
  • Total control

    On-premises CPQ lets your organization control what gets through your firewall
  • Customizable

    Standard API enables fully customized CPQ applications
  • Fully functional offline

    Have all product, pricing and configuration data available on a laptop when offline
  • CPQ in your CRM

    Integrate powerful CPQ in your CRM system
Flexibility like no other
Deploy CPQ however you need it and rest assured that product, pricing and order data is synchronized between systems - no matter if you are using CPQ cloud, on premise, offline, a fully custom application
or as part of your CRM system.

Cloud-based CPQ

Cloud-based solutions are quickly becoming the norm, and CPQ is no exception. With benefits ranging from reduced IT costs and fast deployment, to high availability and mobility, cloud-based CPQ is an ideal choice for companies of any size.

On-premises CPQ

For companies preferring to keep critical product and pricing data behind a firewall on-premises, Configit offers a CPQ solution that is specifically designed for on-prem environments.

Custom CPQ and product configurators

Build custom applications using your ERP data and the power of Virtual Tabulation® to deliver the tailor-made user experience your organization needs. Configit has a standard API that enables your organization to build specialized product configurators and CPQ applications, purpose built on standard software.

Offline CPQ

Business doesn’t stop because of a weak internet signal. If you are operating in an area where internet connectivity is an issue, you can still provide access to all the necessary product and pricing data on laptops. Offline CPQ from Configit keeps sales selling, whenever and wherever.

CPQ integrated in CRM

Get the most powerful configuration engine running in your CRM. Combine your customer data with product, pricing and order data and provide a combined sales tool for selling complex configurable products.