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Being Disconnected Shouldn’t Stop You from Selling

We live in a highly connected world. And when you have high speed Internet with a stable connection, then cloud and web based CPQ solutions make sense (we’ve got that too with Cloud-based CPQ).

But if your sales force operates in the field, what happens when they have a slow internet connection or weak signal strength? What if they can’t get to an internet connection at all? Your quoting process becomes delayed, or even blocked, leading to frustrations for both the customer and sales representative.

We’ve got you covered with Configit Quote, our CPQ solution that runs offline, online, and in the cloud. Configit Quote lets you sell anywhere, anytime.

offline cpq (configure price quote)

CPQ data is extracted and packaged using patented VT-technology. Te package is used in offline CPQ applications based on Configit Quote.

Offline Product Configuration with Pricing

Offline CPQ is difficult to achieve, from a technical standpoint. Some CPQ vendors claim to support offline scenarios, but fall short of a complete offering – for instance, lacking the ability to configure product variants. Since Configit Quote knows all the valid configurations due to our patented technology, Virtual Tabulation™, it offers full offline quoting functionality, including interactive product configuration with pricing.

Offline CPQ that Syncs when Connected

Configit Quote is designed from the ground up with offline in mind. We bundle your product configuration rules, product catalogue information, and pricing into a package that contains everything you need to quote in an offline environment.

When your users are back online, automated syncing takes care of the rest. Quotes made offline are pushed up to the server, and any changes to your product packages are pulled down to the client software, ensuring your sales force has the most recent data available the next time they go “off the grid”.

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