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The most powerful, user friendly, and maintainable CPQ solution for SAP

Open CPQ for SAP is a flexible CPQ platform that enables you to use your SAP pricing data and Variant Configurator rules when quoting configurable products and services.

If your company uses SAP Variant Configuration (VC), you already understand the value of product configuration. SAP VC allows you to tailor products to an individual customer’s needs. SAP VC configuration and pricing rules ensure that configurations and prices are complete and correct, allowing you to sell complex products more easily and more accurately.

Configit’s Open CPQ extends SAP VC. It is the modern CPQ synchronized with SAP VC configuration rules and pricing that enables you to improve the user experience, speed, and deployment flexibility of VC. The results:

  • Faster configuration using patented VT technology
  • Online/offline client deployment flexibility
  • Fully integrated and synchronized with SAP
  • A modern user experience

Open CPQ for SAP: Leverage your CPQ solution using existing SAP pricing and VC rules

Configit’s Open CPQ for SAP uses your existing SAP pricing and VC rules, and makes them available in a new way. Our patented VT technology allows your configurations to run both online over the web or totally offline, enabling CPQ which can power sales cycles anywhere, anytime.

Friction-free selling for all sales channels

Configit Quote incorporates modern user interface elements, making it easy to design and deploy user-friendly configuration solutions. Meet your users at their level of expertise, regardless of their familiarity with your products. Build guided selling tools that help customers find and configure your products. Extend CPQ into all your sales channels: dealer networks, distributors, resellers, and customer-facing web applications.

Open CPQ for SAP synchronizes a modern offline/online CPQ platform with SAP VC configuration rules

CPQ Synchronized with SAP VC configuration rules and pricing

Configit’s Open CPQ is certified and fully synchronized with SAP Variant Configuration. SAP remains the single source of truth for data, which minimizes maintenance workload as products change over time.

Control the quoting process – CPQ workflows

Configit Open CPQ for SAP uses CPQ workflows to manage when discount limits are reached or special engineering requirements are triggered in quotes. This safeguards the quoting process and the profit margin.

Control the quoting process - CPQ workflows

Why CPQ?

As a pivotal activity in sales processes and as the first tangible promise to customers, Configuration, Pricing and Quoting – CPQ – has become a key competitive factor for organizations that tailor products to meet customer requirements. The best CPQ tools are great for the users (user friendly and empowering), great for the sales process (integrated) and profitable for the business. Integrated CPQ tools will:

  • Increase integrity and accuracy of the entire quote-to-order process
  • Boost productivity and quality for users (direct sales, resellers and partners)
  • Eliminate redundant data maintenance and disconnected processes
  • Guide and strengthen the customer dialog and the corporate image

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