KEYNOTE: Configuration Lifecycle Management as a Catalyst for Business Performance

Rajesh Patnaik
Partner and Principal, Product Digital Operations Lead


Digital transformation is a top priority for manufacturing businesses, requiring cross-functional interplay between development, sales, manufacturing and service, and controlling the product configuration management process throughout the product lifecycle in order to enable growth, save cost and mitigate risk of errors. This presentation will cover digital transformation trends in manufacturing and why there is an urgent need to implement a true end-to-end configuration management process to be able to accelerate the digital transformation initiatives of all relevant business functions and stay competitive.

Configuration Lifecycle Management – A Game Changer in Manufacturing

Henrik Reif Andersen
Founder and CSO


For the past 20 years, Henrik Reif Andersen has helped global enterprises not only unlock deeper enterprise-wide product configuration and process knowledge, but also experience tangible business impact. As a founder of Configit, and originator of Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), Henrik Reif has witnessed the business impact Configuration Lifecycle Management brings to B2B manufacturing enterprises. By consolidating the product configuration processes that are often scattered throughout the functional silos of a company, Configuration Lifecycle Management leverages existing IT investments such as ERP, PLM, and CRM to create an intelligence layer on the product configuration process that delivers a quantifiable impact on the business performance.
In this presentation, Henrik Reif will present key use-cases that demonstrate how manufacturing enterprises have optimized their businesses by connecting their product configuration process across functions, achieving revenue growth through shorter time-to-market, cost savings through increased efficiency and risk mitigation by elimination of configuration errors.

Case: Jaguar Land Rover – How CLM Helps Jaguar Land Rover Minimize Production Risks While Effectively Mitigating Semiconductor Shortages

Alex Crawford
Director of Engineering Operations
Jaguar Land Rover


As an early adopter of automating cross-functional collaboration on the configuration process, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) was able to eliminate configuration errors and minimize risk in their production processes. Like other automotive companies, the recent semiconductor shortage exposed JLR to unexpected risk in the value chain, forcing them to reduce and change the product lines offered in the market. In this presentation, you will learn how a Configuration Lifecycle Management approach helped JLR to not only eliminate configuration errors but react quickly to supply chain shortages by modifying product offerings that mitigated risk associated with costly errors and negative customer experiences.

Case: Emerson – Why Choosing a Platform-Agnostic Solution Is Paramount to the Unification of a Single, Enterprise-Wide Platform

Myla Romero
Director of Information Technology, PLM and Configurator Services


With many global corporations struggling with technical debt, finding an optimal way to integrate both modern and legacy systems is of strategic importance. Hear Myla Romero, Director of Information Technology, discuss Emerson’s goal to integrate their multiple ERP, PLM, ETO and customer experience systems to a single, enterprise-wide platform. Myla will reveal why Configit was the best choice for Emerson’s digital transformation initiatives to support their various platforms and systems, as well as sharing recent updates from the implementation, including:

  • Key pain points and challenges addressed
  • Optimization
  • Realized benefits


Case: Signify – Increasing Operational Excellence and Customer Experience With a SaaS Sales Configuration Solution

Steven Hoppenbrouwers
IT Architect – Market to Order

Ralf de Greef
Tribe Lead M2O Sales


Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, is the world’s largest lighting company specializing in complex lighting installations for large sites such as football stadiums, concert venues and office complexes.
Signify began their Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) journey back in 2016, starting as a CPQ project that evolved into a SaaS sales configuration solution to increase operational excellence and improve their customer journey.
In this presentation, Ralf de Greef and Steven Hoppenbrouwers will present this SaaS sales configuration solution including the Guided Selling functionalities, and their future plans on creating a unified company-wide modeling platform based on Configit Ace, to smoothen the cross-functional collaboration between their Engineering and Sales teams.

Panel discussion: ‘Green Configuration’ – Long Term Vision or Short Term Reality?

Jasmin Pennicke
Manager, Sustainability Expert
PwC Germany

Gerard Quist
BPO Applications Idea to Market

Steven Hoppenbrouwers
IT Architect – Market to Order

Henrik Hulgaard
Founder and CTO


Manufacturers are feeling increasing pressure from customers, governments, and shareholders to develop a sustainability plan for themselves and the products they design, manufacture, sell, and service.
With the complex IT landscape, supplier network and go-to-market strategies of global manufacturers, developing a comprehensive ESG reporting function can seem like an unattainable goal.
In this panel discussion, it will be discussed how sustainability mandates impact manufacturing companies, and in what way Configuration Lifecycle Management can provide the backbone of a robust reporting function to help companies achieve their Sustainability objectives.

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