Copenhagen, Denmark. November 3rd, 2022

Better End-To-End Customer Experiences by Addressing Complexity Bottlenecks with Configit Ace®

Latest Configit Ace® capabilities address integration, validation and post-sales challenges

Configit, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), announces the latest release of the Configit Ace® enterprise-grade product configuration platform. With this latest release, Configit addresses complexity bottlenecks that make integration implementation and validation as well as maintenance and support more difficult. This provides a better end-to-end customer experience throughout the product lifecycle.

“Configit Ace® has been the leading CLM platform for years and is used by many market leading and global companies to support thousands of product models. However, with this scale comes complexity making it more difficult to maintain and support products and systems. We have engaged with our customers to understand the complexity bottlenecks they are facing and with this release we are providing solutions that address these challenges,” stated Johan Salenstedt, CEO, Configit.

Configit Ace® provides a single source of truth for product configuration information that enables providers of complex products and services to manage, query and validate product configuration options in real-time. Configit Ace® supports production, sales, manufacturing and service organizations through integrations with multiple systems including PLM, ERP/MES and CRM.

Configit Ace® now includes capabilities and APIs that make validation of integrations easier. These additional features effectively accelerate integration activities by removing bottlenecks during implementation and validation. The latest release also addresses bottlenecks in maintenance and support.

“When discussing CLM, we tend to focus on the engineering, sales and manufacturing processes. But CLM is also extremely important and valuable for post-sales activities. After several years of supporting our customers, we can now see the complexity challenges they face in upgrading, maintaining and supporting products and systems already deployed. For example, some products and systems have lifetimes that span decades. When these products and systems need to be upgraded, serviced or repaired, the defining product configuration could now be invalid. Since the product configuration could involve thousands of feature combinations, it can be very difficult to determine the cause of the issue. In the latest release of Configit Ace®, we provide powerful new APIs that help identify the cause of conflicts as well as explain why the configuration is not valid. This makes upgrade, maintenance and support tasks both easier and faster,” stated Henrik Reif Andersen, co-founder and CSO of Configit.

By addressing complexity bottlenecks, Configit Ace® facilitates a smoother and better end-to-end customer experience from product design to product decommission.

For more information on the latest release of Configit Ace®, visit the R2 2022 page.

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