Copenhagen, Denmark. November 16th, 2017

Configit and Corevist announce partnership for B2B eCommerce

New solution targets mid-size companies producing configurable products

Configit A/S, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Corevist, SAP eCommerce solutions provider, today announced their partnership to create an integration with SAP for variant configuration in eCommerce web portals.

Corevist clients with an SAP-integrated webshop can now sell their highly configurable products directly to customers in a web portal. Using Configit’s configuration engine and core Virtual Tabulation™ technology, Corevist offers its customers the ability to sell their complex, configurable products directly, creating an enhanced customer experience through greater control of the purchasing process.

Corevist is an ideal partner for Configit,” said Lars Dyrløv Madsen, Partner Manager, Configit A/S. “Our combined experience as SAP partners and our deep technological knowledge are creating significant value for our customers.

In contrast to the larger players in the market, Corevist’s solution is targeted towards mid-size companies. While still an enterprise solution, this enables smaller companies to grow their market by getting closer to the customer, selling more, and gaining critical market intelligence from their customer’s buying profiles and patterns.

We see this solution as a democratization of configuration technology,” said Dr. Sam Bayer, Founder and CEO of Corevist. “Traditionally only within reach of large corporations, our solution is tailored for the mid-size company whose configurable products fill a critical need in markets but have a hard time getting heard above the din.


About Configit

Configit is the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions and a supplier of business-critical software for the configuration of complex products. All Configit products are based on the patented Virtual Tabulation (VT)™ technology, which has redefined product configuration by offering greater speed and better handling of complexity.  Virtual Tabulation enables Configit to deliver powerful, easy to use configuration solutions to market-leading global enterprises.

About Corevist

Corevist helps manufacturers and distributors who run SAP to improve the online B2B order-to-cash process for their customers. Corevist is an official Magento Commerce Technology Partner, specializing in integrating Magento with SAP. Corevist is also SAP-certified on the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. Corevist’s application leverages existing SAP installations to provide seamless eCommerce functionality with 90-day implementation windows at a fraction of competitors’ costs. Corevist is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with offices in New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Belarus, and Germany. For more information, call (919) 424-2120 or visit