Copenhagen, Denmark. August 12th, 2015

Configit Hosts First-Ever CLM Summit to Explore Solutions for the Complex Product Lifecycle

Attendees and speakers from leading technology and business organizations gather to network, exchange ideas and find solutions to mass customization needs

ATLANTA, GA (August 3, 2015) – Configit is hosting an inaugural, first-of-its-kind Configuration Lifestyle Management (CLM) Summit to explore best practices for handling the complex product lifecycle. The Summit will take place September 8-10 at Lanier Islands, a resort outside of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The CLM Summit will convene technology strategists and business developers in an intimate group setting to network, learn and exchange ideas on best practices for managing the ever more configurable and complex products throughout a product lifestyle.

The CLM Summit is designed for businesses within the automotive, high technology, industrial machinery and components, and aerospace and defense industries. Attendees will participate in small group discussions with the opportunity to meet and hear from a variety of speakers from leading organizations, such as Georgia Tech, Audi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Jaguar Land Rover and Philips, who will provide unique, cutting edge insight into complex product configurations.

“The CLM Summit is coming at a time when companies are looking for efficient solutions to meet customer demands for product variety and mass customization. The Summit is the perfect opportunity to have smart, hands-on discussions about business challenges and current use of configuration technology,” said Lars Hoegsted, Executive Vice President, Configit. “We look forward to seeing the outcome of the workshops and expect for each attendee to find the solution they are looking for to meet customer demand.”

During the Summit, Configit aims to reach a joint consensus and formulate a Declaration for CLM as the discipline of handling complex products throughout a product lifecycle during an era where the catalog is dead and product options and complexity are exploding. The consensus will bring further insight to industry practices, solutions and new technologies as well as a scale for benchmarking CLM capabilities.

A CLM platform unites engineering rules with market and regulatory requirements and calculates possible product configurations in any market at any given time. Controlling and understanding these configuration variables aligns the digital and physical customer journey, allowing for cost reductions linked to bill of material (BOM) optimization.

The last day of the conference provides an opportunity for interactive, one-on-one creative collaboration with Configit senior leadership to discuss and find optimal solutions to overcome business challenges associated with product configuration.

Configit is a Copenhagen-based global provider of a breakthrough in configuration technology known as Virtual Tabulation™, which is a unique technology that allows companies to analyze and interact with large combinatorial solution spaces. Configit is a global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management Solutions offering Configit Ace as an Enterprise Configuration Platform for all users in the organization.