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SAP is the worlds largest Enterprise Software provider. Thousands of organizations’ running SAP depend on SAP configuration technology when they sell, manufacture and deliver configurable products and services. The basic SAP configuration technology is called Variant Configuration or just VC and the pricing and configuration capabilities can also be leveraged in web applications with a separate engine called SAP IPC.

Recently, SAP Solution Configuration (SSC) with multiple instances of inter-related IPC configurators is offered by SAP Custom Development to companies that need to configure collections of different product and services into consistent solutions.

Configit has partnered with SAP to offer solutions
based on SAP-VC, IPC and SSC. Configit Quote for SAP is a standard dedicated quoting application for all organizations using SAP-VC. The Configit SDK and the VT-compiler offers performance improvements and increased flexibility in application design for companies using SAP IPC. Configit and SAP has co-developed technology components and Configit Quote for SAP is available on the SAP Store and was one of the first third party applications certified as “Powered by SAP® Mobile.”

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Configit Quote is an SAP Certified Mobile App that let’s organisations use their SAP knowledge base to integrate with all sales channels.

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