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For the central rule engine, we obviously went with Configit who offered the most visionary and strongest solution of the competition."

Jonas Skov Pedersen, Manager, Product Master Data Development, Demant

  • Solution used

    Enterprise Product Configurator
  • Industry

    Medical devices 
  • Headquarters

    Smørum, Denmark

The Creation of Demant’s Online Service Suite – Enterprise Product Data Services (EPDS)

About Demant

Demant is a hearing healthcare market leader with headquarters in Denmark and production sites in Poland and Mexico. With 15,000 employees around the globe, Demant manufactures, delivers, and sells within four areas: hearing devices, hearing implants, diagnostics and communications.

In 2014, Demant was facing challenges related to managing their large volumes of product data. Because this data was maintained locally in different system domains, the result was high data inconsistency, inadequate support for complexity and mass customization, and misinterpretation of orders due to inefficient communication.

Demant’s goal was to create a strong foundation that enabled controlled product master data and supported the entire value chain. This centralized enterprise service solution would be fed with data from back-end source systems to deliver a single source of product variant definition based on a common language, delivery form and communication.
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Solution and Business Value

Working with Configit, Demant created their Enterprise Product Data Services (EPDS) solution for their Oticon brand. Using Configit’s modeling software, EPDS contains nearly 1,000 attributes, or feature families, each attribute value receives a unique ID used in the communication contract (instead of fully qualified names), enabling an independent modeling structure and flexible renaming attributes and values without a negative impact. This also enables communication across countries free of language or brand context issues.

EPDS provides a single point of contact for Demant’s product master data, sharing product variant information and inter-product relations across all enterprise systems. Because EPDS collects, connects and provides all systems, including R&D platforms, sales systems, production, and quality logging, it results in consolidated configuration data across the whole suite of online services. This enables Demant to provide a unified and high-quality customer journey throughout the product life cycle, such as e-shop catalogs fed directly with language and country localization product data, providing full accessory overview, and correct validation of items in for service.

This global master data supports working in a local market context, enabling language, color and variant localization. Whether a customer is shopping using a website or a paper catalog, all product information is identical. Technical product data sheets, for example, are created using content from the master data fed into a design template, with the only manual involvement occurring early on during the design phase of each template.

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Collaborate Cross-Functionally on a Single Source of the Truth


Video recorded during the Configuration Lifecycle Management Summit 2021

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