Copenhagen, Denmark. January 17th, 2023

Cloud-based Configuration with Configit Ace®

Cloud-based Service for Building Enterprise-wide Product Configurators

Configit, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), announces the immediate availability of Configit Ace® as a cloud-based platform for product configuration. Designed specifically for the cloud, the Configit Ace® Cloud deployment option provides the same market-leading CLM capabilities and interfaces as the current Configit Ace® on-premises offering. This enables customers to choose the Configit Ace® deployment option that best suits their needs with the comfort of knowing that migration is possible if required.

“We are proud to announce that all the capabilities and powerful features that Configit Ace® delivers are available as a cloud service. While the cloud service is designed and architected specifically for the cloud, it provides exactly the same features as our on-premises offering, which means that customers can now choose the best deployment option for their CLM journey”, stated Johan Salenstedt, CEO, Configit.

Configit Ace® provides a single-source-of-truth for product configuration information that enables providers of complex products and services to manage, query and validate product configuration options in real-time. Configit Ace® supports engineering, sales, manufacturing and service organizations through integrations with multiple systems including PLM, ERP/MES and CRM.

Configit Ace® can be deployed either on-premises or as a cloud service hosted by Configit on Microsoft Azure cloud services. 26 regions across the globe are currently supported with 24/7/365 monitoring by the Configit operations team. This enables Configit customers to meet a variety of business goals while also leveraging the power of cloud.

“One of the big advantages of cloud-based CLM is that we can provide immediate access to new users across the globe”, stated Henrik Reif Andersen, co-founder and CSO of Configit. “We can also integrate with any system, anywhere through secure, reliable web-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). By leveraging Microsoft Azure services, we can meet customer needs for business continuity and disaster recovery, while also meeting strict regulatory requirements, especially in relation to security. The Configit Ace® Cloud offering is certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 including Security Operations Center (SOC) and authentication procedures.”

Interested customers can get access to the Configit Ace® Cloud deployment option immediately.

For more information, visit the Configit Ace® Cloud page on our website.