Copenhagen, Denmark. November 3rd, 2021

Configit Joins Unity’s Verified Solutions Partner Program to Deliver Enhanced 3D Visualization

Configit’s solution delivers best in class configuration technology, now being verified by Unity, for manufacturers of complex products

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Nov. 3, 2021 – Configit, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), today announced that it has joined the Unity Verified Solutions Partner (VSP) program. Unity’s Verified Solutions Partner team is performing quality assurance testing of the Configit Ace® API for Unity.

Verification means the Configit Ace® API is optimized for the latest Long-Term Support (LTS) and tech versions of the Unity editor, providing a seamless experience for developers. The API will be a verified solution for Unity developers.

Unity’s Verified Solutions Partners represent an ecosystem of third-party SDKs, plugins, editor applications, and more. These companies partner with Unity to drive technical alignment and verify compliance with the latest Unity releases on an ongoing basis.

Working with manufacturers of complex, configurable products, Configit provides a powerful innovation platform that unifies functions and data into a cohesive, streamlined, accessible format. Configit enables an immersive experience for customers, bringing products to life with accelerated innovation, reduced iteration and visual authentication.

Unity’s visualization product, Forma, unlocks major efficiencies in content production, enabling businesses to rapidly import 3D product data to visualize models and all their variants in real-time 3D. The partnership with Configit ensures the accuracy of models by allowing manufacturers to define a primary set of configuration data and rules that can be used across the enterprise. All functions that deal with configured products, from engineering and sales to manufacturing and service, are aligned and connected to one single source of configuration truth.

Dave Rhodes, Senior Vice President, Digital Twins, Unity Technologies, said: “While Unity’s roots are in gaming, we have been expanding into other verticals for quite some time, and have seen significant growth in the manufacturing sector for real-time visualization. As leaders in configuration management, Configit was a natural choice for our Verified Solutions Partner program. The company’s expertise in solving complex problems creates the perfect foundation for our Unity Forma product. By reinforcing visualizations with accurate, up-to-date product data, customers know that what they are creating is correct, buildable, and deliverable.”

Johan Salenstedt, CEO, Configit, said: “This partnership with Unity underscores our commitment to bringing best-in-class solutions to our customers. Unity’s real-time, interactive 3D technology is a key component of our Configuration Lifecycle Management vision. Becoming a Unity Verified Solutions Partner means that our powerful configuration technology is now available to users of Unity’s market leading visualization platform, which will be a game changer in manufacturing.”

To learn more about Configit’s partnership with Unity and how to create immersive 3D customer experiences, visit our Solution page.

About Configit
Configit is the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions and a supplier of business-critical software for the configuration of complex products. All Configit products are based on the patented Virtual Tabulation® technology, which has redefined product configuration by offering greater speed and better handling of complexity. Virtual Tabulation® enables Configit to deliver powerful, easy to use configuration solutions to market-leading global enterprises.

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