Copenhagen, Denmark. November 10th, 2021

Latest Releases of Configit Ace® and Configit Quote® Enable End-to-End Configuration Lifecycle Management Integration

Configit, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), is pleased to announce the latest release of the Configit Ace® enterprise-grade product configuration platform and Configit Quote® CPQ solution that will make Configuration Lifecycle Management integration easier, faster, and more efficient for manufacturers of complex, configurable products.

With the latest releases, Configit enables seamless, end-to-end integration of Configuration Lifecycle Management with any application through open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These will allow complex product configuration information to be instantly shared and synchronized with the applications used by engineers, operations, and sales.

The Configit Ace® release includes the following enhancements designed to enable efficient integration and faster performance:

— Enhanced configuration functionality with built-in model calculations
— 3x faster response time for complex product models
— More accessible insight into product configuration with the new Solution Space API

With the upgraded Configit Quote® release, users experience:

— New integration capabilities with extended APIs to enhance sales processes and quoting functionality
— Performance improvement at lower cost with Linux

“Cross-functional collaboration requires seamless end-to-end integration from product design to manufacturing, sales and service. With the latest releases of Configit Ace® and Configit Quote®, highly complex product configuration data can be instantly shared and synchronized with any application. Using these solutions, manufacturing organizations can market faster, maintain a single source of truth and achieve a seamless lifecycle. In short, they can transform their configuration process into a competitive advantage,” stated Johan Salenstedt, CEO, Configit.

For more information on the latest releases of Configit Ace® and Configit Quote® visit our Product Release page.