Copenhagen, Denmark. October 3rd, 2017

Configit launches new eCommerce integration with SAP Hybris

Configit A/S, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), today announced the launch of a new solution for configuration data integration within SAP Hybris eCommerce solution. Combining Configit’s powerful configuration engine and VT technology with Hybris eCommerce creates a dynamic new configuration platform for B2B sellers of complex, configurable products.

Selling complex configurable products requires the ability to pull pricing and configuration data from multiple sources with no lag time. Creating an integrated platform that enables instantaneous pricing results in faster checkout processes and more sales.

“We created this solution in response to increasing demands from our partners and customers,” said Lars Dyrløv Madsen, Partner Manager, Configit A/S. “Our customers challenged us to apply our technology to this important segment of the B2B marketplace.”

Configit’s SAP VC integration captures all SAP VC and pricing data without altering it, allowing customers to upload data back into SAP with no re-writing of configuration rules. This integration creates a seamless user experience, with Hybris managing the customer interface and shopping cart, while Configit’s configuration technology provides configuration and pricing data through a REST API.