Copenhagen, Denmark. May 25th, 2023

Configit Enables Fast Generation of Configurable Bills of Materials

Configit Ace® Enhancements Dramatically Reduce Time to Generate cBOMs

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – May 25, 2023 – Configit, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), today announced that its Configit Ace® offering can now more effectively leverage product models during the design of Configurable Bills of Materials (cBOMs) and support quotation processes more efficiently.

The continuous demand for more customizable and personalized products requires more configurable product designs. However, designing and working with cBOMs, otherwise known as 150% BOMs or Super BOMs, can be challenging. Generating a valid BOM for a configurable product can be time-consuming and can require a great deal of manual effort.

Existing solutions for automatically generating or exploding a cBOM are often slow. Ideally, the cBOM and product model should be developed at the same time, but so far, there has been no way to leverage product models in the cBOM design process.

To address these challenges, the Configit Ace® BOM Solve API helps manufacturers rapidly generate a BOM for a configurable product by leveraging product models. This will enable engineers and product modelers to collaborate and develop the cBOM and product model at the same time.

The BOM Solve API uses an existing cBOM and a specific product configuration as inputs and then instantaneously generates a configured BOM, or 100% BOM, for the given configuration. This can be used by engineers to test and debug cBOMs and product models during the design process.

With a valid configurable sales BOM and configuration, the BOM Solve API can immediately generate a Sales BOM as part of a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) process. The BOM Solve API doesn’t rely on either the cBOM or the product model being developed in any order. Because of this, the solution accommodates 120% BOMs, in which some configuration choices are left open for further engineering input as part of a partial Engineer-to-Order (ETO) process.

The BOM Solve API is the first of a series of solutions focused on engineering configuration and BOM challenges that Configit intends to deliver in upcoming releases.

Henrik Hulgaard, Vice President of Product Management and Co-founder, Configit, said: “With the BOM Solve API, we’re offering a powerful solution that enables collaborative design on cBOMs and product models that can identify many issues upfront rather than trying to resolve differences when the cBOM and product model are designed in isolation. The ability to instantaneously generate BOMs for configurable products enables manufacturers to leverage product models in a whole new way and we’re continuing to evolve our solutions to help tackle configuration challenges more effectively.”

Visit the May 2023 Product Release webpage​ to learn more.