Copenhagen, Denmark. December 5th, 2023

Flexible, Efficient and Cost-Effective Product Configuration with Configit Ace®

Latest Configit Ace® Features Provide Significant Enhancements for Complex BOM Generation and Better Customer Experiences

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – December 5, 2023Configit, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), announces the latest release of the Configit Ace® enterprise-grade product configuration platform. With the latest release, Configit provides significant enhancements to the existing BOM Solve solution as well as customer-driven enhancements for flexible localization, efficient system integration and cost-effective cloud hosting.

“Increasing customization and personalization keeps raising the bar for our customers and partners. The configurability of products is increasing to meet these demands, but this also leads to more complex products and integrations across the IT landscape. We are continuously improving our capabilities in response to feedback from our customers and partners and the capabilities we are bringing to the table in this release extend our leadership in this market,” stated Johan Salenstedt, CEO, Configit.

The latest release of Configit Ace® 6.3 includes enhancements to the recently released BOM Solve capabilities making it possible to instantly generate BOMS for complex system-level solutions with both configurable and non-configurable products. Designed to support any type of configurable BOM, the solution provides great flexibility in supporting a variety of use cases and requirements.

“We had a great response to the initial release of our BOM Solve capabilities earlier this year, where we wanted to engage with engineering professionals to understand their challenges and improve our offering further,” stated Henrik Hulgaard, VP Product Management, Configit. “This release is a response to that feedback, and completing our BOM Solve solution allows us to support a broad range of needs.”

In addition, the latest release includes the following customer-driven enhancements:

  • Enhanced localization capabilities supporting both major languages and dialects in product configuration user interfaces with full flexibility in translating major elements of the interface.
  • Improvements to major APIs that enable faster and more efficient operation.
  • Support for the latest Microsoft .NET 8.0 framework as well as Linux container options enables support for a broad range of operating systems and cost-effective hosting options.


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