Copenhagen, Denmark. February 9th, 2016

Increased demand for Configit products leads to hiring plan of 100 new employees across global offices

Due to a strong market growth rate and an increased demand for Configit products, Configit is expected to hire 100 new employees across its global offices over the course of the next year. 

Configit currently employs 150 individuals globally, with headquarters in Copenhagen, (Denmark) as well as offices in Atlanta, GA (USA), Warwick, (U.K.), Cologne/Dusseldorf (Germany), Chennai (India) and Shanghai (China).  The majority of Configit’s workforce holds a PhD or Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Configit CEO Henrik Reif Andersen states, “Configit has developed products that give us the capability of becoming the world’s leading company in the field of configuration. With the right amount of qualified employees, we can reach this potential and accelerate the company’s development and growth.”

Over the past five years, Configit has shown consistent growth.  In February, 2016 Polaris acquired 65% of the stakes in the company. Alongside Polaris, Configit will continue to develop its growth strategies while providing an uncompromised level of service to its customers.