Copenhagen, Denmark. October 17th, 2012

Release of Configit Quote Touch for tablets

Together with the release of Windows 8 on the 26th of October, Configit is releasing the first offline, SAP-integrated quotation tool for touch tablets to the market: Configit Quote Touch.

Configit Quote Touch is a touch-enabled version of the market proven product Configit Quote for SAP. It is integrated into the Variant Configurator in SAP giving a mobile sales force the capability to create quotations on the move using product and pricing data from their SAP system even when connectivity is not present or bad.

A recent study by Cisco shows that even when there is connectivity available for a mobile device the latency of communication with servers in the cloud or traditional data centers is so high that it is impossible to get good user interaction for pure online browser-based solutions. In order to achieve a good and reliable user experience it is necessary to have a “thick” client performing most of the calculations and only synchronizing data with servers with low frequency.

Configit has taken the path of developing Configit Quote that provides a superior and reliable user experience because it is not dependent on high-speed online connections. It works even without any internet connection based on data that has been synchronized with SAP when online. Configit Quote Touch is the touch version of this product that has been on the market for three years and are used by thousands of users throughout the world. Configit Quote Touch is therefore a highly reliable product running on Windows 8 Pro tablets ready to be used by companies seeking to take advantage of the new tablets coming out.