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Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) for SAP

Increase Sales Force Productivity With a User-Friendly Front-End Solution for SAP Configuration and Pricing

Configit Quote is a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution for companies using SAP.

Patented technology makes even the most advanced SAP configurators available in an easy-to-use Sales Configurator.


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A Quoting Solution Dedicated to the Sales Force

Configit Quote for SAP provides a user-friendly interface that sales professionals quickly understand and adopt.

The options, choices, prices and constraints that determine a quote are strictly governed by SAP, however the actual process of building and presenting a visually compelling quote is intuitive to users familiar with Microsoft Office.

Quote for SAP gives sales professionals the clear competitive advantage of confidently and effectively matching customer requirements to precise, correct and professional quotations.


Configit Quote is designed as an intuitive productivity tool with context sensitive ribbons and line tools and powerful editing features specific to configuration, pricing and quoting. The user experience is inspired by the latest best practices from Microsoft Office applications and users quickly learn to use the animated drop-downs, product selection guides and adaptive proposal templates. In addition, collaboration, revisions and support for gestures are some of the techniques used to make SAP content easily accessible for quoting.

Quote for SAP can also be used to interactively capture customer requirements during meetings and to provide immediate feedback about product options and pricing.


Offline, Online, Anytime, Anywhere

Configit Quote for SAP gives the sales force SAP-quoting with full mobility. Using authoritative data from SAP, quotes can be created anytime, anywhere whether sales representatives have Web access or work offline.

Network latency and connectivity issues may not only result in poor performance, but could also lead to an untimely response to customer requirements. While it is convenient and practical to have platform independent access to configure-price-quote (CPQ) over the Web, offline functionality is often a mission critical requirement for the quote-to-order process.


For this reason, Configit Quote for SAP offers complete functionality to offline users who need permanent and unlimited access to their quote package. Then, when connected, the quote package and content created while offline are automatically synchronized with the latest updates in SAP and to the central quote repository that serves as a platform for backup, sharing and business intelligence.

Configit Quote is also available as a portal solution that provides platform independent access to the quoting package whenever you are connected to the Internet.

Resellers Quoting Your Products

Combined, the technology and user experience safely delegates the quoting responsibility to third party users like resellers. Virtual Tabulation and Configit Server for SAP create, update and deploy packages with SAP configurators and pricing to external users. Resellers then use Quote for SAP to include configurable products in their proposals to customers.



Quote with Confidence – Results You Can Trust

"Am I using the right pricing for this customer? Are there other options available? Is this the latest version?..." Never again doubt a quote. Configit Quote guarantees that you are using authoritative data from SAP and you can be confident that if it can be configured, it can be built, priced and sold.

Cut Costs Per Quote

The inquiry-to-order process for configurable products can be very costly. Reducing the average time and resources used per quote and increasing the average accuracy of quotes means significant cost savings. Configit Quote eliminates errors and resource consumption linked to double maintenance of sales relevant data, manual proposals, editing and the reconciliation of proposals with quote and order creation in SAP.

Certified Data Integrity

Data is maintained centrally in SAP and remains uncompromised and free from errors caused by double maintenance of data sets. Data and rules are always pulled from SAP and used to produce content that is returned from Configit Quote back to SAP in the shape of quotes.



Control - CPQ Workflows

Configit Quote for SAP helps manage and control the quoting process. Approval workflow, triggered when discount limits or special engineering requirements appear in individual quotes safeguards the quoting process and the profit margin.

Through sharing and revisions, different users can collaborate on the same quote and eliminate the need to copy, merge and control different independent versions of a quotation.

Go in depth with Approval Workflows in Configit Quote

Control of SAP Quotes


Why CPQ?

As a pivotal activity in sales processes and as the first tangible promise to customers, the art of optimal Configuration, Pricing and Quoting - CPQ - has become a key competitive factor for organizations that tailor products to meet customer requirements. The best CPQ tools are great for the users (user friendly and empowering), great for the sales process (integrated) and profitable for the business. Integrated CPQ tools will:

  1. Increase integrity and accuracy of the entire quote-to-order process
  2. Boost productivity and quality for users (direct sales, resellers and partners)
  3. Eliminate redundant data maintenance and disconnected processes
  4. Guide and strengthen the customer dialog and the corporate image

Do you use CPQ?

With configurable products you already have CPQ-processes in place.

Call us to benchmark your CPQ-processes and to review your challenges and options with international leading experts in configuration technology.

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