Migrate to a Proven Variant Configuration Solution

Configit Ace® provides an alternative migration path for SAP LO-VC customers.
Are You Planning to Migrate to SAP AVC?
Free support for SAP ECC 6.0 is planned to end in 2027. Customers are now planning their migration to SAP S4/HANA®*.

S4/HANA® provides a new variant configuration management application named Advanced Variant Configuration (AVC) and SAP is strongly urging its customers to migrate from the existing variant configuration management application LO-VC to AVC.

While AVC provides some improvements compared to LO-VC, it also introduces a number of drawbacks that are forcing LO-VC users to investigate alternatives.

Configit Ace® can be a compelling option that can both support existing product models in SAP and provide a more modern, cloud-based variant configuration solution.

*SAP S/4HANA is the trademark or registered trademark of SAP SE or its affiliates in Germany and in other countries.

Configit Solutions Are Trusted by the World's Largest Manufacturing Companies

For the central rule engine, we obviously went with Configit who offered the most visionary and strongest solution of the competition."

— Jonas Skov Pedersen, Manager, Product Master Data Development, Demant

Value in Migrating to AVC Is Questionable for LO-VC Users

AVC provides a slightly better configuration engine compared to LO-VC with a constraint solver algorithm based on Gecode.

Gecode is an open-source library for developing constraint-based systems first introduced in 2006.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks for LO-VC users:

— LO-VC users will have to pay to use AVC.
— LO-VC users will only experience an incremental improvement.
— AVC modeling is similar to LO-VC, but not the same.
— Many LO-VC models will have to be adapted to work with AVC.
— LO-VC will not be supported in the multi-tenant SAP S/4HANA® Cloud.
— To simplify modeling and reduce errors, some functions have been made obsolete in AVC (see details).

Time to Consider a Proven Variant Configuration Solution - Configit Ace®

A Shared-Source-of-Truth for LO-VC and Other Product Models

Configit Ace® includes logic to understand LO-VC product models and can mimic SAP behavior so users can enjoy all the benefits with no drawbacks.

LO-VC models do not need to be changed. But Configit Ace® can also import product models and BOMs from other systems providing a shared-source-of-truth for all configuration management for multiple systems in one location.

Configit Ace® can act as the master or synchronize with data in existing systems allowing data ownership to remain unchanged.

Configit Ace®: The Most Powerful Variant Configuration Solution on the Market

Configit Ace® is widely considered the leading head-less product configuration management solution on the market. Configit Ace® enables a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach, which encompasses configurable product model and rule definition, management and validation of end-user configurations as well as availability and change management.

Provided as a hosted service with open APIs, Configit Ace® enables CLM-as-a-Service that is system-agnostic and accessible to all providing a shared-source-of-truth for managing variants and product configurations to all departments.

Based on Virtual Tabulation® technology, Configit Ace® is the only solution that can pre-determine all valid configurations using a compilation process. LO-VC, AVC and other configurators rely on constraint algorithms to remove invalid options at run-time based on user configuration choices.

Plan Your Migration with a Configuration Expert

Designed to be system-agnostic, Configit Ace® provides open, reliable and secure web-based APIs that not only can integrate to SAP solutions, but also other critical IT manufacturing systems – such as PLM, CRM and CPQ systems.

With 20+ years of experience, Configit provides the expertise to ensure you achieve success with your variant configuration management project.

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Leverage the Power of Configit Ace®

A Catalyst for Cloud Migration

Configit Ace® is provided as a hosted cloud solution powered by Microsoft Azure. This provides an opportunity for LO-VC users considering a cloud migration. Configit provides hosting of Configit Ace®, any Configit developed bespoke extensions and customer product model data.

With Configit Ace®, users from any location can collaborate on managing variants, developing product models, consuming product models through the Configit Ace® Configure API and integrate to systems at any location with built-in security, reliability and business continuity.

Address Product Configuration with Virtual Tabulation®

With Configit Virtual Tabulation®, a simple lookup is used to determine the validity of a choice or an entire configuration.

This means:
✔ Predictable and scalable performance
✔ Faster validation with instant UI response
✔ Guided-selling with recommendations and issue resolution
✔ Only valid options are ever shown
✔ Zero configuration errors or dead-ends
✔ Ability to test, debug and verify configuration models before release

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