Configit Ace®

Use Case - Enable CTO Process

Reduce Reliance on Engineering Support with Configit Ace®

The Challenge

In a traditional Engineer-to-Order (ETO) process, valuable engineering resources are needed to design a solution.

This is slow and still prone to errors and duplication of effort leading to waste.

The Solution

Use Configit Ace® to Automate

With Configit Ace® product models and rules can be used to define how a set of standard components and parts can be assembled to meet orders.

Solutions are now Configured-to-Order (CTO) where engineering effort is used once in defining models and rules.

The Benefits of Using Configit Ace®

Start ETO to CTO Transformation with Configit Ace®​

Configit Ace® provides the platform for automating the ordering and quoting process.

Key Capabilities

Capture the knowledge and expertise of engineers and automate responses
Dramatically reduce impact on engineering resources while ensuring valid responses

start eto to cto transformation with configit ace

See it in Configit Ace®

Enable Configure-to-Order (CTO) – And Reduce Engineering Support by Automating Configuration

Watch Anders S. Rasmussen, Senior Principal Software Developer at Configit, demostrate how the shift from Engineer-to-Order (ETO) towards Configure-to-Order (CTO) processes can be enabled and managed using Configit Ace®.

Video recorded during the Configuration Lifecycle Management Summit 2023

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