Configit Ace®

Use Case - Build Product Models

Quickly Establish Product Models and Rules with Configit Ace®

The Challenge

Many organizations would like to use model-based analysis and build configurators, but do not know how to get started.

Building models usually involves learning modeling languages and high-level programming. It can be difficult to find resources willing to take on this task.

The Solution

GUI-Based Modeling

Configit Ace® Model enables users to manage all aspects of modeling from creation of product models, to defining sophisticated rules and calculations to building libraries of reusable features and properties.

All performed using interactive user interfaces rather than programming.

The Benefits of Using Configit Ace®

Interactive Model Building with Configit Ace® Model

Configit Ace® Model provides interactive graphical user interface for building product models and rules.

Key Capabilities

Fast establishment of models for analysis and configuration
Define sophisticated rules and constraints that are also time-based
No programming skills required

build product models configit ace

See it in Configit Ace®

Build Product Models – Create Interactive Product Models Without Programming Skills

Watch Laura Beckwith, Director of Product Management at Configit, as she demonstrates how to intuitively build product models with sophisticated configuration rules and complex interdependencies in Configit Ace®.

Video recorded during the Configuration Lifecycle Management Summit 2023

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