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With Configit’s CPQ for SAP solution, my team and I no longer receive request for quotes and product submittals from reps, which enables us to spend more time on strategic initiatives that will continue to drive TPI’s growth. "

Anthony Burton, Vice President of Mechanical Sales Division, TPI Corporation

Solution and Business Value

With their previous process, TPI’s Mechanical Representatives were struggling to prepare accurate quotes in a timely manner. Producing both a quote and a submittal was a two-step process for their customers that could be weeks, even months, apart.

In addition, time and resources were being used to correct inaccurate quotes, resulting in a negative customer experience for both reps and end-users.

To help their network of more than 200 reps maximize their revenue potential, TPI began a project to transition from manual to automated quoting processes. The goal was to roll out the solution to their vast Mechanical Representative network. The timing, however, coincided with the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite this challenge, TPI working closely with Configit’s Delivery Team, rolled out and remotely implemented the new CPQ solution to their entire Mechanical Representative network.

The straightforward and intuitive nature of the solution led to rapid adoption and allowed TPI’s Technical and Customer Support teams to focus on helping more end-users with items needing to be dealt with from the factory.

With the new ability to simultaneously create and submit a quote, TPI’s new streamlined CPQ solution reduced the number of steps required of their customers, shortening the time from weeks or months to seconds.

“When providing a quote and/or submittal to a customer, speed and accuracy are the name of the game. Using TPI’s new quoting tool, I can quickly generate quotes and submittals simultaneously based on smart configurations in a fraction of the time it took previously.”
— Craig Giles, Commercial Sales Manager, Holden & Associates
fans and ventilation systems
  • Solution used

    CPQ for complex products
    (Integrated with SAP)
  • Industry

    Heating, Ventilation, Lighting, and Custom Thermostatic Equipment
  • Headquarters

    Tennessee, USA
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