Creating and Analyzing Your Valid Configurations

Presented by Henrik Hulgaard, CTO, Configit

How can you create a solution space with unlimited capacity for complexity in your configurations and the ability to make comprehensive analysis of all valid configurations?

Manufacturing companies today face increasingly complex configuration processes with an ever-evolving number of rules, dependencies, and variants. This increases the need to perform comprehensive analyses of all valid configurations and rule dependencies in a product model, as well as developing and optimizing product models. This increased pressure on current configuration processes creates a demand for more advanced configuration technology.

Understanding the different technologies and capabilities of configuration solutions is critical to be confident that anything you sell is both buildable and profitable. Sales, engineering, manufacturing and service must work from the same information, eliminating errors and duplication of work.

In this Tech Talk, Configit Chief Technology Officer, Henrik Hulgaard, will guide you through the journey of configuration technology; from an introduction and overview of its uses, to how the different technologies in the market perform and to the next generation technology.

As a co-creator of Virtual Tabulation®, Configit’s multi-patented configuration technology, Henrik will use his 20+ years’ experience to give an insider’s view of how a configuration solution can provide distinct advantages in the market. From comprehensive analyses of all valid configurations and rule dependencies, to how any possible product configuration can be performed as a simple lookup rather than a new calculation effort, this webinar will uncover the technologies that provide faster results even when there are billions of possible product combinations.

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