Accurate and Error-free System Configurations With Reduced Authoring and Design Time

Presented by Laura Beckwith, Senior Product Manager, Configit
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CLM Summit 2024
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Orchestrate Your Configuration Data
May 15-16, 2024
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Configuring individual products can have hundreds of millions of possible combinations. But configuring systems with multiple products that are meant to interact with each other and their environment presents an even more complex configuration challenge.

Join Laura Beckwith, Senior Product Manager at Configit, for an inside look at the next generation of system configuration. Laura will present the newest features of Configit Ace® that guide manufacturers through the configuration of multiple products within a system with no dead ends.

The result is accurate, error-free configurations with reduced authoring and design time.

This Tech Talk covers the differences between static and dynamic models, the benefits of ‘perfect guidance,’ and how Virtual Tabulation’s constraint solver can help reduce Engineering involvement to configure complete systems while providing end-users with a powerful tool to create the most complex factories, HVAC systems, wind farms and more.

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