Responding to Dynamic Market Requirements Using an Intelligent, Collaborative Configuration Platform

Nagamani Mohan
Program Manager Digitization & Intelligent Automation, Fisher Emerson

Fisher Emerson, a large, global manufacturing and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets, started a global initiative in 2019 for its Fisher Flow Controls Division to improve response time in speed and accuracy to dynamic market requirements, as well as enhancing collaboration and alignment between Sales and other internal departments.

With the long-term goal to implement a future-proof Cloud/SaaS solution, Fisher Emerson worked with Configit to develop an intelligent, automated solution that generates initial bid estimates to enable Sales teams to respond faster and more accurately to customer requests.

In this webinar, Nagamani Mohan, Program Manager Digitization & Intelligent Automation from Fisher Emerson, discusses the background of this ambitious global project, as well as the business benefits of the solution, including:
  • Guided selection that finds the best matched products meeting technical and commercial requirements
  • Batch editing of selected products to help revise quotes faster