Making Product Variants Manageable and Optimize the Offering

CLM Summit 2021 presentation by
Dr. Goy Hinrich Korn
CIO, Krone

Krone is a leading European manufacturer of trailers and agricultural machinery.

Krone had the challenge that relational knowledge was mapped both in their sales configurator as well as in PLM and ERP, and it was not possible to consistently synchronize the systems.

As a result, Krone experienced errors and relied on manual, time-consuming comparisons. The data silos also made it difficult to calculate and analyze product variances in special situations.

In this presentation, you will learn how Krone Trailers are putting in place a new solution that can manage producing more than 40,000 trailers per year, all of which include a large number of customer requirements, while also increasing cost efficiency and shortening the time to market.