Reduce Quotation Time and Improve Customer Experience with Configuration Lifecycle Management

CLM Summit 2021 presentation by
Jens Ellebæk
Consulting Offerings Manager, Configit

CPQ, or Configure-Price-Quote, has been a staple of large manufacturing companies since the 1980’s.

At the time, it was viewed as a salesperson’s best friend, providing a one-stop-shop for fast customer quotes. But as customers demand the ability to customize products, and at the same time products themselves are becoming more complex, with increasing embedded software and smart sensors, CPQ systems are struggling to keep pace.

The ERP, CRM and PLM systems that typically feed CPQ are becoming increasingly siloed, resulting in incorrect data being exchanged and a negative customer experience.

In this presentation, Jens Ellebæk will present customer use-cases that demonstrate how a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution improves sales functions.

By integrating the configuration data from ERP, CRM and PLM systems, CLM creates a single source of truth that reduces quotation time and improves customer experience.